This week sees us celebrating the  Solstice (Winter in Sthn Hemisphere  & Summer in Nthn) with the Sun moving into the sign of Cancer on Friday 21st June. Bringing in the mothering, nurturing vibe of Cancer – ruler of the 4th house of the home, roots and family. Soon to follow is the big Full Moon in Capricorn on Sunday 23rd June. This one is a ‘Super moon’ which means it coincides with Moon’s perigee (closest point to Earth), making it larger in appearance and causing very high tides. This brings emotions to the surface and depending on where it is in your chart, it will illuminate and magnify those areas in particular for you.

The Full Moon in Capricorn stirring deep emotions and probing secrets. Finding a balance between work and home may be apparent as this push and pull type of energy  between Cancer and Capricorn manifests.  As usual the July Moon moves us to bring projects to fruition and there should be a real sense of achievement around it if you do.

Just a little reminder of the impending Mercury Retrograde coming up on June 26th and lasting three weeks. Tidy up those loose ends as no point in waiting until after as things can go a bit ‘belly up’  around this backward motion energy. Remember, it’s a time to ‘revise, review and slow down.’ Put off those big decisions or signing contracts during this phase also.

Find the balance in your lives around the wonderful Winter Solstice and stoke the fires of the home and family as this is a wonderful time to embrace this auspicious time of year when we are being reminded that the time we spend with family and loved ones is precious fuel for the energy we spend in the time outside our home & hearth.

Happy Solstice!