Kids & Astrology

Why is astrology helpful for understanding our kids?



Having an astrology chart done for your child can provide some really useful guidelines which will help you to better understand them and thus strengthening the relationship between you. A child’s chart will read much the same as an adult’s but another dimension can be added. It will really be read by the parent or care giver to better insight into facets of their child’s personality and spirit that their child may not be able to adequately communicate due to their age of lack of life experience.

As parents today we know it is not enough to just make sure our kids eat well and get the bus on time. It’s also about their social, emotional and spiritual well being, not just physical and mental. Most of us have a vested interest in learning as much as we can about raising our kids and better understanding the developmental process. So trying to find one book or philosophy to answer all those questions we have is pretty difficult. What astrology can offer you is an alternative, not a replacement, way of understanding the complexities of your little one.

Your child’s natal chart is a bit like a ‘user’s manual.’ The one we wish we’d been given when they came into this world. What I try to do is provide a roadmap of sorts for you to follow their footsteps through the twists and turns of childhood  and hopefully shine light where there is dark.