Welcome to this Super Full Moon and Eclipse at 11 degrees of Leo. 

SYDNEY   Feb 1st 12.26am 
LONDON Jan 31st 1.26pm
NYC Jan 31st 8.26am

We are experiencing a very special event – the Full Moon in Leo, which rules the heart-space. The Sun rules the sign of Leo as well. The heart is being understood more than ever right now for being far more powerful than ever realised. The electromagnetic energy it gives off is stronger than our brain and is responsible for much of our reason for living in more ways than one. 

The Full Moon is about validation and culmination from the last eclipse in August 2017 so we may find some resonance at this time. These eclipses move the energies along. We also now have Venus in Aquarius very close to the Sun. We have moved out of the heavy Capricorn energy of the past month so may find we are having some realisations and epiphanies about who we really are and what it most important for our personal growth. Venus opposing the moon right now sparks awareness of our emotions and intelligence and seeks to acclaim a more authentic ownership of our inner being as opposed to ‘herd mentality.’ Be aware of your ‘downloads’ and energetic engagements as they come into your psyche. 

The planet Mercury (communications and thought) joins the Sun and also heads into Aquarius. So we have the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius now. We are working with our technology, love it or hate it. The Full Moon at 11 degrees of Leo is about mastery and in particular ‘self mastery’ especially in our relationships. The Eclipse is also conjunct (close to) the asteroid Ceres, so feeling a need for nurturing love, food, the harvest and the environment is a theme. Eclipses are always close to the Moon’s Nodes and the North Node speaks of soul growth and our destiny and  women’s issues etc right now. This Eclipse can be seen better this time over Africa, Australia and parts of Asia. 

It is the second full moon in the month (except in Australia as it occurs after midnight) however that is due to our calendar. So this is why it is coined a ‘Blue Moon.’ The Super & Blood Red Moon is because of its close proximity to the Earth. The Sth Node is transiting the 11th house of the collective and the Nth Node is in the 5th house of creativity, children, romance, the heart space and is about owning your vision and manifestation ability. Things can also leave your life at this time as well. Friendships change, wishes and goals, love life etc. 

It’s important to take the time to ground yourself. We are emptying out and getting back in touch with how we can be better cared for in mid February. How can we do this better for ourselves, and without the anxiety of the past? Tending to our needs is all about parenting ourselves which ultimately helps us to be a more whole person in the long run.

Enjoy this most luscious and fruitful Super Full Moon in Leo!