Welcome to the big astro event of this year….the total Solar Eclipse. In the sign of Leo at 28 degrees 53 mins. This is a North Node eclipse and is a truly important time in our personal evolution. 

So the Nodal Axis is on Leo and Aquarius. You may have been hearing a lot about this and without getting too carried away with all sorts of doom and gloom, I would like to give my spin on the important messages that are coming to us through this time in particular. A Solar Eclipse is when the moon passes between the earth and the sun and either partially or totally blocks the light of the sun momentarily, depending on where you are on our planet will determine how you view this cosmic phenomenon. It will be most visible across the United States of America for this one. Two weeks ago we had the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius and so now we see the polarising path as the Moon joins the Sun in its own sign, Leo. If you have your Sun, Moon, Ascendant or any angles in your chart on or near this degree you will feel it most. It doesn’t necessarily have the same impact on every individual. However, it is said that the effects will still herald important changes for us and globally of course. Not all astrologers will hold the same views but I do like to look towards the more spiritual messages and find the evolutionary signature behind our cosmic events. 

So with the Moon sitting close to its North Node the message is all about where we should be moving forward in our destiny to be the better version of ourselves. A full Solar Eclipse is like a break in the astral shield of our earth. It sets the tone for the next six months, so make sure you are reaching in to find the best way to move forward and not make the same mistakes. An easier way will be if you know which house the nodes are for this Solar Eclipse. If you know your Ascendant or Rising sign, you can work it out from there as you can see which houses have Leo and Aquarius on the cusp.

We are actually getting a true feel for the Aquarian Age we are moving into and this is more like a 2000 year period. It has a ‘futuristic’ feel to it. This is the archetype of liberation and awakening. It is somewhat an impersonal view from afar as that is how Aquarius deals with things. The planet Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) is known also as the ‘personal unconscious.’ Uranus breaks open and awakens us, and sometimes with a jolt! So much so that you are likely to resist these challenging prompts to break out of the old habits. So working out the lessons between the Leo and Aquarian nodal axis is such an important lesson for us right now. If we can put our ego’s to one side we have great lessons to learn. Leo is the funnel through which the Aquarian ideologies are played out. It must be for our highest good as the north node is the marker for our spiritual or souls journey forward. So be sure to get out of your own way.

The negative feelings may be a sense of alienation, despair, feeling isolated from what is going on. Tune in and do some soul searching and don’t let fear push you off course. Personally we could say this eclipse is breaking up the old ways or patriarchy.  The message is to wake up and be more than your limited view of yourself. Tap into you own genius. I will give a brief overview of how you could be affected by looking at where the eclipse or nodal axis is in you chart. It will help if you know and if not you can access to a basic birth chart online easily enough and so you can at least see which houses are affected. I can help you with this if you need to have your birth chart calculated. 


1st house

It’s about YOU! Your new identity or a time to realise new aspects of the self. Your instincts are being tapped here. The polarity here will be the opposite 7th house so here you are being urged to not get attached to any agendas and to include the ‘other’ person in this shift in how you see yourself in the world. Brining in the 7th house lessons of balance and inclusion, you will strive to be the more rounded person who still has a strong sense of self but manages to incorporate others in this new way of doing things. 

2nd house 

What is MY sense of self worth? Here we how we value ourselves, and it’s also our money and security but strongly associated with the physical and material areas of our world and how we attach to all of that and identify with it too much sometimes. Expanding through the 8th house, any co-dependancy will be destroyed. The message is to become self sufficient and not to overly rely on someone else to feel whole. 

3rd house  

Here we learn new ways of expressing ourselves. Writing, social media, teaching etc. Ask yourself how you connect with your local environment, even with your siblings or neighbourhood. You will need to expand and grow now and become more of a channel as the polarity or opposite house here is the 9th – the bigger picture, the higher education, travel and foreign cultures. You may suffer a loss in some of these areas or how you gain your education to help push you forward. Get out of your head and trust tapping into the universal consciousness. Take part in meditation and practice new ways of expanding your mind and aim high and see that bigger picture opening up before you for a truer path forward. 

4th house 

Nurture yourself! Make yourself secure and ‘feel’ the feeling that you may have thought was a sign of weakness. The polar opposite is in the 10th house ruled by Capricorn. So if you learn to own and acknowledge your sensitivity for your personal growth. If not things may show up at work or around your public image that is threatening for you so you need to own it and face how it really is for you to find that security or foundation of ‘self’ in the truest sense. 

5th house 

This is on the Leo / Aquarius axis as Leo is the natural ruler of the 5th house. How can you express yourself more fully? Acknowledge how life wants to express itself through you. You must create! That is your lifeblood. The Sth Node in the opposing house – 11th can show up as you’re leaving that ‘group’ you’ve long associated with. Find your own self expression in a whole new way. You may not have been expressing yourself fully enough so this will the area for your lessons. Step up and shine! 

6th house 

This is the house of ‘contribution!’ The work, effort, health, day to day activities. Get moving and share your gifts as if its not work so you can understand the fuller and more purposeful meaning of service. This has the Virgo energy to it so you need to pay attention to the details and be the master of your creation. Remember you’ll be supported on a spiritual level. It is time to get moving and be pro-active, get the work done and don’t just get lost in the rituals. Put it into practice and understand it’s not just about the symbolism. Give it wings! 

7th house 

It’s time for you to shine through relationships. The polarity here is through the 1st house so you could be experiencing an identity crisis. You may feel misunderstood. It’s now time to learn to compromise, to listen and co-operate. Don’t try to do it all for you or all on your own. You need to learn how to share and find some balance and exchange more. Bring in the Libran energies of co-operation and diplomacy and compromise. 

8th house

This is the time to merge and unite with other powerful people which comes via the 2nd house lessons. This is getting out of one’s owns safety zone. ‘My castle,’ ‘my stuff.’ You could experience losses there to push you towards a more humbling situation so as to really understand how you need to move away from all of that exclusivity. You need to trust more in the power of surrendering. Power sharing is the message here. It will feel difficult but it is for your highest good. You may experience more around the mysteries around life and death. Life can be bigger than you’ve been living it. This is transforming you inside and out. 

9th house

This is on the Sagittarius / Gemini axis. You want to create and now you’re being forced to look at the bigger picture. Make a deeper connection to nature or education in broader, wiser terms. Think big and deep! Don’t skim the surface for ‘tid-bits’ of knowledge. Get up from the confines of your small and abridged version of living and perhaps take that adventurous trip that you used to dream about or enrol in that course for higher education or path that opens up your mind to the real world of opportunity and not just the snapshot version. There is a more natural law that holds some key lessons for you. Take the leap.

10th house

You want to be out in the big wide world. Become your own boss now. Capricorn and the 10th house themes are about getting serious about your status in the world. The polarity is in the 4th house (home and foundations) so you may need to look up and realise you have more to do outside of this arena now. Take your focus over to the bigger world and get out of your dressing gown and slippers! There is work to be done and achievement awaits you. You don’t have to leave the family home or run away, but it’s more about growing up and cutting the apron strings and not be scared to achieve and go for the goals and live larger. 

11th house

It’s time to step out and start the revolution! This is the Aquarian home base and where it can get really quirky, inventive and you put on your coat of many colours! Really listen to what that inner voice says and open your 3rd eye for the channelling the wisdom beyond and outside of your own ego driven concerns. The greater good of the community and the world at large. Where are you looking to make eccentric and genius ideas come true? Find your tribe and gather that community of like minded people together and bring about the change that will benefit the community at large. This points to futuristic thinking. Finding the ‘other like minded people’ will help you to stimulate and share the ideas to help you on your exciting path forward. 

12 house

This is a really powerful placement as it is the last house of the zodiac. The natural ruler is Pisces. With Leo and the north node in your last house in your chart, you are being pushed now to channel the divine wisdom of all that has come before you in the past, but to also let it dissolve away ready to start fresh again. Going deeply into shadow and letting go is the message here and trust that you are more than you know you are. Try to let go of the ego and trust in the wisdom of your soul as it is already there within you. Surrender to what life brings you and avoid trying to control the outcomes where you can. Meditate, trust and know that you’ll be guided. 

I hope we all derive something special throughout this exciting time and enjoy the new growth that is on offer. May your Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Leo be positive, full of hope and new vision! Enjoy and pay attention. It’s really worth it. 

Much love! 🙂