NEW MOON – 27 degrees Scorpio

SYDNEY –  NOV 18TH 10.42PM
NYC        –   NOV 18TH  6.42AM
LOND      –  NOV 18TH 11.42AM

 Welcome to the new moon in Scorpio! 


This is the New Moon that will bring our desires to the surface, whether we like it or not! Questions such as ‘who am I’ and ‘how am I being authentic to myself and to others?’ Scorpio is powerful and it’s all about passion and intensity and our emotional truths.

The planet Jupiter (expansion, philosophy and growth) is now in Scorpio since Oct 10th and is working with all of these issues ‘big time’ as well. He is the great expander and the largest planet in our solar system and he will work with us to bring about the biggest changes but for our highest good. It speaks of our consciousness and the revelations that we’re seeing and hearing especially lately, such as the sexual abuse and assaults in certain industries and all around us that needs to be honestly and morally dealt with, instead of hiding them ‘under the carpet.’

This is all about the death and the rebirth collectively and personally. Acknowledge what stirs you right now and deal with it. What needs purging? Look at our recent passing of the Marriage Equality laws in Australia and the frustration and heartache it has taken to get this acknowledged! A great step forward and a grand example of how we are being urged to change and transform the way we view our world and it’s values. Speaking one’s truth and treating everyone with honour, respect and dignity is the message here. 

Some people in positions of power will be and are being scrutinised more than ever at this time. It’s up to the people at large to move with this conscious movement of revealing and speaking up for the rights of those less powerful. 

As with all New Moons, it is about new beginnings but with Scorpio and his 8th house energy, it is also about completion and giving birth to the new, and like ‘the Phoenix rising up out of the ashes’ this is a powerful opportunity for deep inner transformation which leads to growth of the spirit. 

Enjoy this powerful and bountiful New Moon in Scorpio and revel in the gift it can give which is to find and live consciously with your renewed and authentic self! Enjoy! 🙂