We are about to have a bountiful New Moon in fiery Leo – 2nd August at 10 degrees. If you know where that is in your own chart it will help you appreciate where those rays of love are beaming for you. We are now in the month for Leo’s so happy birthday to you lions and lionesses! As you may already know, the New Moon is the phase where we can all think about setting our intentions for the month ahead. We are in the dark phase and the seeds are ready to be planted so to speak and that is when our ideas and passions can really take root and manifest for us more easily.

When we think of Leo we should feel the connection to our heart energy. Leo rules the heart and the Sun rules Leo. This is powerful energy and is a life giving force. It has now been proven that the heart has a much bigger electromagnetic field compared to the brain and also the heart is the first organ to develop fully in utero. We ‘feel’ through our heart and so if we can really connect and breath in and out through our hearts, we will do ourselves a great favour and heal our own darkness and all that we come into contact with as well. The element is fire, so it is always warm or hot, compared to the other elements which can be both hot or cold. This is a really great time to feel good about life and to share that warmth with those around us and help to tune into that beautiful energy that links us all together. Try some heart themed meditations or just put your hand on your heart and breath when you may be feeling stressed and feel the difference.

There is also a very beautiful connection between Venus (planet of love, relationships & beauty) and Uranus (sudden changes & surprises) which is exact on August 2nd on this New Moon in Leo. There may be some lovely chance encounters for many and whether it be about people, your passions, money or an event, it will be luscious and a real ‘feel good’ moment as Uranus is full of surprises and things happen lightening quick when he is involved and coupled with Venus, it is something to look forward to. So keep your hearts open!

Saturn is still square to Neptune so with these two slow moving planets we have an ongoing struggle between our boundaries and limitations and our need to collapse into the divine and let ourselves go into our deep inner true selves. With Saturn in Sagittarius this is the overall theme. Apart from triggering some religious and political unrest as he stirs the pot of fundamentalism, he also is trying to find a healthy compromise between the two worlds, which is not easy on this planet. If we just start with our own personal efforts, it hopefully will eventually create those inroads towards self enlightenment and show us how to merge into a higher state of consciousness with help from the magic of Neptune, as long as we don’t fall victim to his lower vibration of escapism, martyrdom and self delusion. This square has been active for some time now and will make it’s final exact connection in September this year, so from that point on they will start to separate.

So the New Moon in Leo is here to help us dissolve some of those restrictions we’ve unwittingly placed upon ourselves. This is an opportunity to open our hearts and move towards a less constricted way of dealing with some areas in our lives. What really makes your ‘heart sing?’ Let the warmth and love come from your heart space and help you to connect to your inner truth and redefine some of those rules you may have put in place that now need to be revised and refreshed.

A nice ritual may be to sit in the sun (early morning or mid afternoon) and feel the energy beaming all around you and breathe in and out of your heart chakra or area. If you are into crystals, you may have a Sunstone. This crystal resonates with the Sun, and Sundays and the plant – Jasmine and the Scarab Beetle. It brings refreshing joy into your life and evokes a feeling of gratitude towards the Sun and all its blessings. Even when there is a lack of sunshine this crystal is perfect to have on you or hold as it very strengthening and has great energy. If you practice yoga, remember your pose – salute to the Sun!  Sunstone also resonates with the sacral chakra which governs intimate relationships, even those such as your family. When this chakra is balanced you feel comfortable forming close relationships with others and display intimacy appropriately. Visualise the warm colour of the Sun, the orange, yellow and feel the warmth wrapping itself around your entire body dissolving anything that may be bothering you or causing pain.

I wish you love, abundance and warmth for this New Moon in Leo and may you manifest just want you need to come into your world right now.

Love & peace   🙂