Here we are with a really special Full Moon….the second one this month in the sign of Sagittarius! Traditionally known as the ‘Blue Moon.’ Sun in 2 deg Gemini and Moon opposite at 2 deg Sagittarius. Full moons are a time of culmination and illumination but for this double Full Moon month things won’t really reveal themselves totally until the next full moon on 20th June. There is a build up of energy and there are some combustible energies about as fiery Mars snuggles up to the Moon in Sag and opposes Venus over in Taurus sailing close to the Sun. There are some grand patterns in the cosmos right now actually with a Grand Trine (harmonious)  between Pluto in Capricorn (earth), Jupiter in Virgo (earth) and Mercury in Taurus (earth) along with the Moon’s nodes in the picture sitting on the Virgo Pisces axis. We have also a Grand Cross forming and getting stronger towards the end of the month. This has energy bouncing around in oppositions and in squares, so needless to say, there are some dynamic and challenging energies swimming around for us all. The word is ‘Mutability’ so the change and ability to make the necessary adjustments will be a strong theme during this phase. Venus joins this Grand Cross at the end of the month as she moves through Gemini making this a five planet Grand Cross! Incredibly exciting. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Venus and the Sun all working together to stir the pot of change!

May is more about assessing now about what you really need to pay attention to. Think about what things or ideas you may need to let go of that are not working for you. If life has been short on delivering what you hoped for, perhaps some negotiating is the best way forward. The day after this Full Moon, Mercury (planet of communication) finally goes direct after his three week retrograde (moving backwards) phase. It has been an opportunity to revise, rethink and release a lot of that emotional clutter, or literally a time to clear the decks. Being so close to this Full Moon it is likely that you start to see the bigger picture behind all of these retrograde energies we’ve got going on. Jupiter ( growth, expansion, education ) is moving forward now in Sag so that will give us more momentum.

Mars and Venus stand in opposition at this Full Moon so there can be some real tension and combustible energy especially in our relationships – of all kinds, not just the romantic ones. Be mindful of what you say and how you say it. You may regret it later. On the positive side, Venus can help us to unlock our creativity and Mars can assist us in our drive and motivation wherever that needs to happen, so channel the energy into areas of passion and be aware of the tendency to get into power struggles or shoot off at the mouth when you really need to go inward first and examine where these feelings are coming from and why.

So be willing to ‘see the truth’ with this powerful Full Moon in Sagittarius and yet try to stay grounded and resist the urge to let that pent up energy of Mars retrograde to unleash in displays of anger. Take a breath, exercise, meditate, go within at the end of each day and work on cultivating patience and let the mutable energies that are swirling around us help us to ‘go with the flow’ more and discover the hidden rewards over the coming month and beyond.

Love & peace 🙂