Welcome to this Full Moon in the air sign of Gemini. Here we have the full duality of this sign and his ruler – Mercury also having snuggled up close to the Sun in Sagittarius along with serious ruler of responsibility – Saturn, we are in for an interesting time. With the current energies, the mind may play tricks on us so it may be difficult to decipher what is really going on around us and inside of us.

With Saturn in this picture, the planet of reality and the ‘get serious’ vibe, we can cultivate a dogmatic quality to our belief systems especially with regard to the truths we are seeking in our lives. Saturn is notorious for injecting some ‘fear’ into us so be mindful of allowing too much of that emotion to creep up on us. Simple advise is ‘don’t be afraid of getting it wrong.’

The next big transit looming and will be the focus right throughout 2016 with be the square aspect between Saturn ( restrictions & boundaries ) in Sagittarius and Neptune (visions and dreams) in Pisces. The realist Vs the visionary are challenging one another in us. Regarding this Full Moon in Gemini there is a real ‘duality.’ The only two signs that have this quality are Gemini and Pisces. Integration is the life lesson in this combination for us all, but particularly if you have the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Gemini. So with this in mind, the energy of this Full Moon is asking us to build those symbolic bridges in our lives. The polarities here are around such topics like – mind /body, Heaven / Earth, mundane / transcendent, life / death. All creating that connection between different dimensions.

Because, what we have also is a T-Square going on at the same time between Saturn in Sagittarius, Moon in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces. There is a dynamic quality here and there may be some confusing deep feelings, emotions and imagination. The choice always lies within us as to how we manage these energies and the golden opportunities that assist us on our souls evolution or just in our general  personal growth.

With Saturn in Sagittarius now we are being asked to question our spiritual truths, but with opposing influences at play. Neptune squaring of with Saturn tends to ask us ‘what is real and true and what is B.S?’

One other configuration I will mention is that Mars is moving close to Black Moon Lillith (our shadow side). Mars is in Libra which is like the opposing energy of this fiery and head strong planet. Mars is about – ‘My desires,’ ‘My way,’ ‘My Will.’ Black Moon Lillith brings up the feminine but repressed energies associated with what we have been told we shouldn’t own or be. What we dis-own. She now wants to merge with the other, and yet with Mars feeling out of his comfort zone in Libra, there may be some combustible energy around this combination. If we get in touch with our natural instincts and remember to compromise when you can and work with ‘the other’ it may open up a whole new world of possibilities.

With Saturn now in Sagittarius for the next couple of years, we may feel compelled to move among the masses and the different cultures, travel or study and hopefully foster some compassion and understanding so as to grow towards our highest hopes and aspirations.  We are all really witnessing different aspects of ourselves in the other, so lets try and find the lesson in all this cosmic energy that moves around us and make the most of what life is trying to teach us.

Happy Full Moon in Gemini! 🙂