We have a very powerful Full Moon in Capricorn happening on 9th July. This one is power packed as the Moon will be at 17 degrees of Capricorn and will be only 1 degree away from the master transformer Pluto! All of this while the Sun opposite is in Cancer and is joined by Mars. Mars is the lower octave of Pluto in Astrology and is more aligned with ego based power and strength as opposed to the soul force that Pluto generates. This is not meant to sound negative, scary or heavy, but it does strike a chord when it comes to being true to oneself and discarding all that does not work for us, without a doubt. 

So it’s a great time to ask ourselves ‘where do I make the biggest impact?’ Get in touch with your unique self and whether it’s through your work or taking on certain activities that you’ve always wanted to do that really makes you feel empowered and plugged in…..make steps towards making that happen as Pluto will meet you half way and really ignite that fire in your belly and help it take form. There is what we call a Cardinal Cross occurring as we have those signs engaged in aspect to each other such as – Jupiter in Libra squaring Sun & Mars in Cancer opposing Moon & Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries still in the mix. We have passion and power, a yearning for individuation, a seeking for truth and justice and a need for security and nurturing. The Cardinal signs gives us the courage to take the initiative. The green light is on for us to move forward and this demands we take action where we may have been dragging our feet. 

We soon move out of Cancer Sun into Leo and next month we have some eclipses coming up. This will be big as well and I will post another blog especially for that but as with all eclipses it spells change! They are exciting times astrologically and it’s really great if you know exactly where in your personal chart this will be falling. There will be a partial Lunar Eclipse on August 7th but on August 21st there will be a full Solar Eclipse in Leo which will be visible right across the United States of America. This is the first one since 1979. An interesting thing is that it happens to be at 28 degrees of Leo with is also the same degree of Regulus the Royal fixed star. This is a powerful point and there is much written about Regulus and it has some military connections and this star is right on the heart of the Lion. This is the star of Royalty. Coupled with the North Node of the Moon now being in Leo, we have a power pack of Leonine energy.  On the world stage this is a very significant time for this eclipse and with the extra focus on leadership and power struggles, this eclipse in Leo and especially being so visible over America, it will be a very interesting time indeed. 

I will leave it here and get back to you about the eclipses next month, but in the meantime, let this culminating energy of the Full Moon assist you in making those necessary and soul inspiring changes for the better. As always if the energy feels too overwhelming, make time to go inwards and make time to practice your self nurturing rituals that you know help you to feel grounded and stay in touch with your inner spirit and hold strong in the storms that sometimes seem to whip up around us. Be like the symbolic animal for Capricorn, the goat, who can climb steadily up any old mountain track and stand steady regardless of the wind and rain around him. 

May your Full Moon phase be a fruitful one!