We now are under the light of a beautiful Full Moon in 10 degrees Capricorn.

The dates for this Full Moon are:

SYDNEY: July 2, 12.20pm
LONDON: July 2, 3.20am
NEW YORK: July 1, 10.20pm


full moon

This is now the time to slow down and reorganize your personal world as well as your professional one. This involves the polarity between the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in Capricorn. The Sun in Cancer suggests the need for emotional bonding and the Moon Capricorn is asking us to attend to those responsibilities that beckon us as well. Look how you can harmonize these two worlds within. Boundaries, tradition and rules Vs receptivity, emotional security and nourishment is what this is all about.

Emotional maturity, patience and the ability to manage things for long term success is the theme here. Mars in Cancer at the moment also echoes this as this action of the usual warrior planet Mars is actually softer here prompting us to take care of ourselves and in this readiness and ability to prepare, both emotionally and physically, we are better equipped to cope when things heat up down the track. It’s not about going into battle in as much as preparing the foundations so they are sound and secure.

VENUS & JUPITER also are a highlight right now as they join up (conjunction) in the sky and prepare to make three of these connections over the next few months.

– July 1, 21 Leo
– August 4, 28 Leo (Venus retrograde)
– October 25, 15 Virgo


 Venus is talking about love, beauty, harmony and fairness and Jupiter expands, brings luck and joy and optimism to the flavour. It is quite an exciting vibe so get ready to enjoy the ride. This is said to be on a degree of practical alignment, and not actually the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ as it is found talked about on the internet currently. 

Due to the Retrograde (backwards) motion of Venus over the next few months we will get a real fusion of Venus and Jupiter energies, coupled with the harmonious angle to Uranus in Aries also on 20-21 degrees of a fire sign, we have a wonderful recipe for the new and exciting things to happen in our lives. Look out for break throughs in projects or ideas you may have been thinking about. Excitement, innovation and expect the unexpected. These are quite positive indicators and depending on where they are in your personal charts is where you can really expect to see some action.

Venus and Jupiter will appear in the sky as twin stars at the moment. The final conjunction for Venus in mid Virgo later in October should be visible on the eastern horizon just before sunrise.

This Full Moon helps us to turn a corner regarding major situations we’ve been facing over the last three months. It also connects with the Lunar Nodes in Libra & Aries which invites us to move beyond the self interest into a just and compassionate relationship with everyone. Visionary Neptune in soulful Pisces (& his own sign) adds the gifts of spiritual vision and empathy to the mix. We also are still feeling the after burn from that Mars Sun conjunction recently, which was about coming to a more full awareness. It gave us the impetus to push forward, hopefully without too much damage to the ego, be it ours or others. 

As Venus enters its ‘shadow period’, preparing to go retrograde, we need to find our love of ‘self.’ It will be soon squaring Saturn in Scorpio, so we could ask, ‘where are we not happy in ourselves?’ ‘ Where are the tools to help us cope and grow?’

So take care of yourselves and restore your energy and take note on the realizations you have about loving yourself. Mars in Cancer is not about winning the war or going into battle. It’s about finding what makes us feel secure and strong enough to be in a better place, prepared for when the tide changes. These are really very positive energies beaming down on us right now, so I hope overall you are able to make the positive and loving changes that you need to begin again after this Full Moon brings us to completion in readiness the the cycles to begin again in the week afterwards.