FULL MOON IN CANCER 22 degrees – 10:33PM 12/1/2017 (Sydney)

Well here we are on the verge of a big juicy, emotion filled Full Moon in Cancer! It happens exactly on Thursday 12th January and in Australia it will be full at 10:33pm. In it’s own sign of Cancer we can expect lots of strong feelings welling up from deep inside and mostly to do with our personal security, loyalty, intuition and the bonds of family life etc.. This Full Moon lands on 22 degrees  of Cancer so it will be good if you know your own chart and where that degree is, as it will shine a light on what area of your life is being focused on. Cancer is also what we call in Astrology  a ‘Cardinal’ sign, meaning it is about initiation, getting started and is always about the prompt for change or to take action on some way. The warning here is that with all this powerful energy coming at us it may not be the best time to to ‘act’ on the big decisions that may present themselves. We may ‘feel’ it is the best way to deal with things but it it not highly recommended if the emotions are engaged in a way that we may end up regretting things a few days later. 

Thankfully Mercury is now in direct motion so in a few more days it will really feel a lot better in as far as communications, transport and all those things that can go a bit haywire under the Mercury Retrograde cycle. Uranus also went direct as of the 30/12, after a long time retrograde so we should really feel some energy shifts now. However…….all this is just way too simple an explanation for what is going on currently in the celestial skies above us! We have a pattern between some planets known as a Cardinal Cross, which means we have two lots of oppositions or four square aspects. The planets involved are Cardinal signs, which are Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra. So with the Full Moon in Cancer opposing the Sun in Capricorn – thus a Full Moon, (also Pluto right up close to the Sun – power punch!) and then we have Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries. So Moon in ‘child like’ Cancer wants nurturing, to be loved and to feel safe. It may show us where we are feeling unloved and tend need to tend to that the best way we can. 

Pluto and Sun opposite in earthy and ‘adult like’ Capricorn which is about ‘doing the work’ and sometimes at the expense of emotional comforts. Try not to go too far in either direction is the message here. This really is the tug of war between the adult Vs the child. We need to tend to both gardens. 

Jupiter in Libra can bring sudden change and for the better. Jupiter magnifies or expands on what it touches so again, great if you can see where they are in your personal birth chart. This will especially be around relationships as with Libra he is looking to find balance and harmony and justice but may come on a little strong as Jupiter sometimes does. Here we have fire and air energy so there will be sparks and a real urge to take action in some way and look for the inspiration and passion and find a positive outlet for it. 

With Pluto conjunct (close to) the Sun in Capricorn we see the intensity of this planet of change playing out within our own lives as well as in the larger world around us. It is a slow moving planet so it has been grinding away in Capricorn and aspecting Uranus (revolutionary change) for some years and will until 2023 approximately, so it’s not like it happens overnight, but within this big energy of the Full Moon and taking part in the Cardinal Cross we see the extra burst of energy coming out of Pluto’s urge for transformation and destroying all around us that is no longer working for us. The dead wood will be burned, but if we can do this in a more conscious manner we no longer will be reacting to the events that seem to be happening to us. We need to be aware of what is happening to work with it and not let it cause undue damage as it so often can when we stand separate to what is already ours to remould. Taking responsibility for our own actions is paramount here. Taking deep breaths in what at times seems to be insurmountable obstacles and unwelcome stresses. Rather than drown our frustrations in food, alcohol or drugs etc… find a positive and healthy way to redirect these strong emotions. Get grounded and connect with nature, eat well and listen you your inner wisdom and try not to fall victim to the swells of emotions that may rise up over these few days before, on and after the 12th January. Remember the Full Moon is always a culmination of energy and a que to let go, and make room for the next coming cycle of the moon which will be a waning and more relaxed energy. But for now we must have the light on very bright and work with what we have accumulated and look at it clearly and honestly. 

So let’s say we ‘feel what our lives are about!’ Some of us won’t feel too comfortable doing this but we need this to effect the change being demanded of us sometimes. All this talk of change however, I must say that right on top of this Full Moon, try to put off making those huge life changing decisions as you may regret it. Just wait a few days and think over things a little before acting hastily. 22 is the degree of the master builder in numerology and sometimes things from the past that are unresolved tend to come up. Old hurts and that tendency to take revenge may creep in. There is nothing to be gained from acting from such negative emotions and in the end nobody wins. 

Another aspect is that the Moon in Cancer trines (more harmonious) the wounded healer asteroid – Chiron in Pisces along with Mars! So here is the opportunity to let those old hurts come up to heal, not to hurt. It will be tempting and perhaps confusing as the emotions are so strong and amplified we may make the mistake of feeling we are justified in falling into pain or victim consciousness arising in anger, but let the soothing Piscean waters calm and show compassion towards others and ourselves so as to allow healing to take place and to help us move forward. Also lovely Venus sits next to the South Node of the Moon in Pisces so some feelings of nostalgia could flow in for us as well. 

The Moon squares stern old Saturn in Sagittarius as well, so you can see how much is going on here right? He will be whispering in our ears…’well, what have you done with your life?’ ‘Get on with it!’ So remember to go easy here and just let it wash over you at least for the days over and just after the 12th Jan. 

This powerful Grand Cardinal Cross is urging us to be our own boss, masters of out own destiny. Watch out for becoming overwhelmed. Keep things simple and organised as best you can. Take frequent deep breaths as it will push us to ‘ACT NOW!’ Find a way to calm this energy down by doing more of what you love. Make the time to unwind in amongst all the ‘must do’ things. Wait for a few days before making those life changing decisions, as it might look a little different a few days after this amazing Full Moon in Cancer and all that comes with it at this time.

It’s juicy! Enjoy it, but take care of yourself and keep your head above water.