I am really excited to have you visit my new blog and I hope I can provide some really valuable information for you on my big passion – Astrology.

What I hope to share with you as the reader, will be a combination of how astrology can work for you both on both a personal and spiritual level. I have had a constant passion for the meaning of astrology as it has always made such sense to me that we are intrinsically connected to the heavens above, and that whole   ‘as above so below’ concept. We are really just a part of this magnificent and mysterious universe, and I firmly believe that more we move in sync with the seasons and tune in to the ebb and flow of the planets, the more balanced our lives will become. There is a constant flux and when we observe these changes and work towards our greatest potential, we can only prosper and gain some wisdom along the way.

The ancients civilizations spent much of their time observing the movement of the planets and the sun and moon, and noticed what corresponded here on earth and so they learned to plant by the moon and also made many other decisions about their own lives by following the transits of the visible bodies orbiting in our solar system. Astronomy and Astrology was really not divided back in ancient times until science came into the equation. Nature clearly defined how people lived and the seasonal changes were a constant guide to man here on this planet. Since then we have become industrialized and so technically advanced but somehow we have largely become separated from this way of working in harmony with the rhythm of the cosmos so readily available to us. Astrology is both a science and an art. It is a science, because the setting up of a chart is an exacting process for each chart being calculated. As an art, it depends on the astrologer’s skill in interpreting the chart. Astrology can’t solve all your problems but it can go a long way toward giving you a greater understanding of both your challenges and yourself. It can also help to guide you when to proceed with your plans so that you obtain the best possible results. I really view it as a tool for healing.

So where to from there? Apart from developing an inner awareness which is fundamental in evolving as a human being in this life time, I feel we can use other tools to help us clear some of the tangles and blockages we find ourselves embroiled in. My particular method of healing takes in some of the holistic and natural healing methodologies and I have found that working to clear the energetic blockages respond beautifully to the Flower Essences. I personally work with the Australian Bush Flowers and really love their gentle healing powers. Also knowing the sensitive areas for each sign enables us to work on strengthening those physical areas or at least understanding that when we bring awareness into the picture of our astrological profile, we then can tune into our own individual needs more effectively. I am a Reflexologist so I know that the body has it’s own intelligence and has a miraculous ability to initiate the healing process especially when we eat fresh and unadulterated food and keep our body mind and spirit working well together. By taking proper preventative measures most health problems can be minimized and avoided. I will attempt to write posts that will help you understand this correlation between astrology and health as I feel it is so exciting to learn how to identify what is best for us as an individual and feel that wonderful connection to that pulsating universe of ours. It was Hippocrates, the father of healing, who wrote that one could not do a thorough job of healing the sick without a basic knowledge of astrological principles.

Let the Sun, Moon and the planets lend you a hand in helping you tune into your own personal blue print and devise the best possible guide for health and happiness while we all take part in this ‘cosmic play’ here on planet Earth!

Stay tuned and I hope you enjoy my astro posts! Thanks for visiting. 🙂