The forecast is always changing as we know but when we experience the shift from one element to another with a predominance of planets doing this right now, we begin to ‘feel’ the difference. Apart from the Moon moving into Cancer today –  June 10th, Mercury moved out of Gemini (air) into Cancer (water) as well on June 1st ready for his extended stay in this sign compliments of the Retrograde motion happening from 26th June and going direct again on July 21st. So here we have a time to really ‘revise’ and ‘revisit’ any areas of our lives that need attention. Don’t fall prey to the fearful press Mercury Retrograde gets….as no doubt most of you hear about it! It may be a little frustrating in terms of technical issues or mechanical problems that can arise more than usual, but if we are aware of this phase, we just need to take special care where we can, and deep breaths where we can’t! 🙂 Double check appointments, travel arrangements and back up your computers perhaps, but don’t stress. Just be ‘aware.’ It’s a bit like checking the weather before you head out the door….you may need a jacket or umbrella. But with Mercury he deals with the logic and the mental processes, so it can be a little bit of fun with the way people communicate and get their messages tangled up. Check twice is the rule of thumb.


The other important change is that with this talk of water, we have had so much busy mental Gemini energy going on over the last month it’s probably a welcome change to most of you to give that poor brain and nervous system a nice rest! It’s always a bit too much to live in the head so much. Now the universe is asking us to go within and ‘feel’ what’s going on inside.   Venus, planet of love and relationships moved into Cancer June 4th, so a more nurturing and feeling way of relating is what’s asked of here. More themes around family and showing the love in how we can look after one another is the key. Home cooked meals and a cozy log fire surrounded by the ones we hold nearest and dearest is a picture to have in you mind for this placement. It’s a lovely warm and fuzzy feel with Venus in Cancer, but be mindful of being overly dependent or clingy as it can be a little smothering for some. Venus has been making a close link to stable old Saturn for the first part of June so there may have been some sorting out of boundaries in the areas of relationships. Saturn has a grounding influence so not a bad thing really. It is an easy transit as both being in water signs (Cancer & Scorpio) the link has a gentle and healing quality about it. Likewise for the connection to Neptune as it is in Pisces and this completes the water trine – Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces. So very welcome links here inspiring us to love more deeply, create & dream. Not to forget the asteroid Chiron (the wounded healer) who is also residing in Pisces adding the healing balm for all these feelings. We are being urged to go within, and be more compassionate not just to others but with ourselves. Bring all that earlier Gemini energy and things we have learnt – into our souls and heart and really put it to good use. It really is like the next chapter in a book, but in our lives. Ask yourselves where you are heading and what shape are you in emotionally?


The next piece in this watery puzzle is that the big, bold and beautiful planet Jupiter is moving from Gemini to Cancer on June 27th. Jupiter stays for 12 months in a sign, so all this mental expansion and growth and learning we’ve been doing for the past year is now going to come down into a more internal focus, deep within. A much more introspective year ahead. If you know what house Cancer rules in your chart you will have an even better way of understanding where you need to grow and expand yourself. It may still be in the same house but definitely will be operating in a different gear. The rational perspective should become much more intuitive. 2013 is a year where this ‘grand water trine’ you may have heard about, is taking place. We see that as a surrendering to a more compassionate  way of viewing things. We will see this not only in our own personal worlds but on a global level as well. This is a welcome change. Apart from lots of activities in around water and lots of water affecting us. We still have that enduring and challenging square aspect between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, breaking down structures and screaming out for change – revolutionary change at that. However, the grand water trine should act as a conditioner here blending the energies and softening the edges a little.


I forgot to mention good old feisty Mars (planet of action/motivation) as he is still operating in Gemini but moves into Cancer July 14, so thus completing that heavily laden sky of water signs. Not only that but he makes a nice comfy trine at 4-5 degrees of Cancer with Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces same degree, so around July 20 – 27th. Mainly we have a real opportunity to take action and give life to our creative processes. Saturn gives support and foundations and the practical outlet and Neptune lends the inspiration and vision and Mars has the engine and is the ammunition to make it manifest!


Being one of the slower moving outer or ‘transpersonal planets’ this does not happen as often as the Mercury Retrograde, and it also lasts longer, starting on June 7th staying retrograde until mid November this year. Again, not a negative thing. A very important time indeed as the universe doesn’t make mistakes in guiding us mere mortals. He started this phase on June 7th and what happens is a stronger sensitivity and receptivity for us in general. Pisces individuals may feel this even more (ruled by Neptune) but we are all in this together. We may be allowed to ‘see’ far more than is possible when Neptune is direct. There seems to be an inner vision that is tapped and so a more insightful perspective comes about. The thing to watch out fo r are the more ‘delusional hits’ which Neptune is prone to on the negative. So we’ve had one already on June 7-8 with Neptune squaring Mars just at the beginning (stationing). Next, July 25-26 Neptune opposes Venus – watch out for the illusions in love or other people who may not be so trustworthy or transparent. Unrealistic expectations in love arise.  August 29-30 Neptune opposes Mercury – so there may be some mental fatigue or confusion. Lines of communication get muddled. If you have something to say of importance, best wait until after these two days. Not good time to make important decisions. October 9-10 Neptune squares Venus, so  unrealistic expectations in relationships are common themes. Potential lovers blind your rationale and you may struggle to believe what you see is not what is real in the other person. Be mindful that you may need to think hard about how you feel about yourself before you believe that someone else you ‘dream’ of is really the best thing for you at this time. It’s ok to dream but take care by not setting yourselves up for something that is not as it seems. October 18-20 Neptune opposes Mars and this usually warns us to beware of ‘deceitful actions.’ Either involving you or another towards you. Be careful about any drugs you may take at this time as well as Neptune deals with this area and with an opposition to Mars it can have a detrimental effect here. Your energy may be a bit low as well. The lesson here may be to have a more realistic understanding of your limitations and to be more conservative with your energy. Avoid starting any new projects at this time. It is only a short period but it’s good to be forewarned.

So to summarise for Neptune going retrograde (quite difficult for me) I say that one’s perceptions will be more acute so listen to that ‘inner voice’ we all have. It will be important to talk about how you are feeling or sensing as at this time Neptune can produce a psychic overload especially for the very sensitive. I recommend some vibrational essences to protect yourself here. There are many but I use the Australian Bush Flowers and Fringed Violet and Angelsword are very helpful.  Be mindful when associating with psychic attractions and people who drain you of vital energy. Protect yourself energetically as it is really a time of being overly sensitive and you can deal with the tendency to be overwhelmed. You just need to be conscious of it. Use strong visual techniques of protecting yourself before you mingle in groups especially if you don’t know the people you are around. On the positive side it is a great time for cultivating your psychic perceptions. Some people actually say they felt far more tuned in psychically while Neptune was retrograde than when it is direct. So enjoy the magic of this dreamy planet but look after yourselves, on all levels.

It’s been a very long post, but I must be feeling very inspired by Neptune’s cosmic backward dance! I personally enjoy any of these changes as they are a gift for us in many ways to grow and learn more about ourselves and teaches us how to dance in step with this magnanimous universe we reside in together.

Enjoy the next half of the year and tune in, dig deep, immerse yourselves in the waters of inspiration!

Love and light.