There is a lot going on in the heavens lately, however I thought a post about  the current Venus in Capricorn Retrograde would be a nice one to look at. So what is happening is that the lovely planet Venus moved into the earthy and practical sign of Capricorn early November 2013 after she’d been playing around in carefree Sagittarius for a while thinking life was all about fun, frivolity and extreme sports maybe! However, here in the pragmatic and much more sober sign of Capricorn we are hearing the screeching of brakes as Venus now slows down and goes in reverse for a bit. This only happens about once every 18 months and lasts for about 40 days. (& 40 nights….sound familiar?) What this usually means for us in general is that we are going to be asked to review the areas of our love, affection, finances and business activities as Capricorn reels us in for some introspection. Of course if we know where Venus in Capricorn is in our individual charts we can narrow this down a bit more.

It is however a time to perhaps be a bit more frugal, appreciate our resources and not throw our money around or be too sure there will be plenty to go around as sometimes there will be delays in this area. Even though the urge to spend is encouraged with the post Christmas sales etc, I urge you to reconsider as until Venus goes direct again on Jan 31st, as we may feel the pinch. Sometimes Venus Retrograde will bring into our lives people from the past, be them old friends or lovers, so be on the lookout for that.

This is a time to be reflective on your values as Venus covers this ground as well as love, money and beauty. Being in the very practical sign of Capricorn it will remind us of how to promote the more serious or important aspects of our important relationships. Commitment will rank high on the agenda alongside all those practical values. Also a good time to review one’s business activities or ethics. We really have to take things pretty seriously with this Capricorn energy. He doesn’t take kindly to half hearted efforts!

Venus went Retrograde on the Solstice on December 21st and goes direct January 31st. Therefore we have Venus staying in the sign of Capricorn for quite a long period as she entered this sign on November 6th and stays there until March 2014. This coincides with the Sun, Mercury and Pluto being in Capricorn so we have really strong lean towards this energy of Capricorn’s earthy, practical no-nonsence flavour going on here for a while.

I will also mention that there is a powerful New Moon in Capricorn to kick off the new year as on Jan 1st this Super Moon – because it is so close to the Earth. Then again on Jan 31st another New & Super Moon in Aquarius. So we have an action packed start to the new year with two New Moons in the same month. Also this means the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus & Pluto are all very close together and this makes for a very powerful and most likely, a very intense New Year, so do take care and remember that by the end of January, and when Venus turns direct, we can breathe a sigh of relief as we move into the airy and less restrictive energies of kooky Aquarius!

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy New Year, and I hope that this time will help us all to work positively on the areas in our lives that need a little attention.

Important astro dates:

Venus Retrograde from December 21st  – Jan 31st

New Moon in Capricorn – Jan 1st

Mercury in Aquarius – Jan 12th

Sun in Aquarius – Jan 21st

New Moon in Aquarius – Jan 31st