We are on the verge of a pretty spectacular and exciting astrological  and astronomical event. Friday, March 20th, we have a Full Solar Eclipse in Pisces. In Sydney – 8.37 pm, London – 9.37am, New York – 5.37pm, Paris – 10.37am.

What this signals is the Moon moving between the Sun and the Earth, therefore blocking out the Sun from our perspective for a short time, and thus the Moon will also be in the same sign as the Sun – Pisces, and the very last degree – 29 degrees & 27 minutes. With this position in last sign of the zodiac, it also stresses that message of endings and new beginnings. It is also on the Equinox where in the northern hemisphere it will be the Spring Equinox and in the southern hemisphere, the Autumn Equinox. This is when the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator and day and night are equal in length. This happens twice a year.

So, what this also means for us is that we are being reminded to reconnect to our inner soul power. Pisces is all about the ‘heart’ as opposed to the ‘head.’ So a good tip is to not mistake our external world or anyone or thing in that world outside of us our ‘source.’ Realign yourself with what you know deep down inside to be your truth. Know that it is inside all of us and at this point in time, we will be feeling the push for soul growth and circumstances will be reminding us to dig deep and own it again, and work with the energies of the Solar Eclipse as it creates a gap or a window of opportunity to ‘reboot’ or ‘re-connect’ with our inner guru so to speak. What really is pulling at you to move forward or what is it that you have been working on and maybe are now ready to run with?

Strangely enough, there is a bit of a polarity here as ordinarily the New Moon is all about setting the new intentions and starting all over for the month, however there is the added potion from the Eclipse with is about endings too. It’s about finishing things off, so we may feel a little dizzy with all this energy pushing and pulling us around over these few days, leading up to the Eclipse and the days after. Still, it’s a great time for our personal rituals to work with the magic of this Piscean picnic of magic. For then within hours of this eclipse in the waters of the fishes, we have the beautiful Equinox cutting the ribbon and welcoming the fiery Aries energy in, heralding the new year really. The seasons are the true markers of our time and here we are where the daylight and moonlight are equal – totally amazing really.

So remembering we are able to now re write our new stories of where and who we a truly wanting to be. How can we make it more congruent so as to work more closely with our soul’s purpose in this life. Sit still during the eclipse, go inside and really listen, as it will be far more powerful to do that than to get caught up in the static and white noise of life around you without stopping to re-evaluate.

This 29 degrees of Pisces is know astrologically as the ‘critical degree,’ and is far more potent as it moves from the last sign of the zodiac into the first sign – Aries. Not to mention the planetary line up of planets in Aries and Pisces, so depending on where in your personal birthchart it is all happening, it will talk to you about where these changes are happening. The Moon has been in its Balsamic Phase, so culminating and closing off on important situations in your life. Contemplate where you have been cleansing and purifying.

For the short time that the Moon blocks the Suns light to us, we see it as  an interruption of sorts. We may be more vulnerable during those exact moments when this energy is blocked from the usual powerful source of the Sun. Try not to get caught up in the impatience or erratic energy coming forth as there will be a little of that going on with the proximity of Uranus in the mix around the personal planets such as Venus and Mars. The good news is that Venus is now in Taurus giving it a grounded quality, which is wonderful as this practical side will remind us to keep our feet on the ground.

So enjoy this magical opportunity to get back inside your hearts, do the all important soul searching and find your own personal wisdom. We are being reminded to realise our true purpose for living our lives, and not to fritter it away in a sea of mediocrity or complacency.

Start the new year cycle with bold intentions. It’s a great time to make one’s dreams your reality!

Happy Solar Eclipse, Equinox & New Moon!

Love and light. 

Anne Henry 🙂