Here comes the the Super Full Moon in Cancer – welcoming in 2018 with a bundle of advise for us all as always. It falls on 11 deg 38 min’s of Cancer. 

SYDNEY      2/1/18 – 1:24 pm
LONDON     2/1/18 –  2:24 am
NYC             1/8/18 –  9:24 pm



With this watery Full Moon in it’s own sign of Cancer, we will feel a strong emphasis on family, loved ones and also business relationships. This is due to that polarity between the Moon in Cancer opposing the Sun in Capricorn. It’s best if we can try to integrate these energies so that through the process we can build something that will last long term. Apply this to whatever is currently hot in your home  and / or work life. It’s a time to take care of that ‘inner baby,’ providing well for ourselves and others. We should aim to be mature about it and no longer need to look outside of ourselves for that sense of security we often keep striving for. 

Mastering our own fears and being co-creators is the theme here – ask yourselves ‘what nurtures me?’ Where this moon falls in your personal birth charts under this phase tells you a lot so it’s great if you know that. Let me know if you don’t know & I can help you.  It’s at 11 deg & 38 min’s Cancer. So contemplating where you are most connected and about how that best supports you is also very important. Think about the nourishing bonds you have to others and all of this impacts on how we operate ‘out there’ in the world, along with our ‘world within.’ 

This Cancer – Capricorn is the security axis. Personal / emotional security linking up with financial / worldly security. Cancer is about coming into your core, roots and feels like you’re ‘coming home.’ With all it’s vulnerabilities, imperfections and insecurities. Don’t be afraid to take off your mask. Self awareness is all about not holding ourselves back – being our authentic selves. Separate this from what those external forces continue to tell us about ourselves. 

We have a beautiful water trine happening at this time as well so that is a gift from the universe really. These are the feminine or Yin energies. A softer way to move among all of these lessons. We have the Cancer moon in trine to Jupiter & Mars in Scorpio in trine to Neptune in Pisces. A wonderful injection of compassion & unconditional love unfolding from the Neptune in Pisces energy, coupled with Mars conjunct Jupiter which brings a creative force into action. This is a very spiritual and intra-personal energy here. With Mars in Jupiter we are doing battles on behalf of love and with wisdom, transforming leadership and authority. Mars / Jupiter is upbeat, expansive and positive in it’s expression. It’s always about living at a higher level. Soon after there is an opposition between the Moon and Venus / Pluto which points to the transformation of values and our relationship with money. 

From Jan 2nd – 5th we have Mars/ Jupiter in Scorpio squaring off (challenging) with the Moon’s North Node in Leo activating leadership issues and themes of sexually predatory behaviours that have already been exposed lately in a big way. It’s a bit like some serious ‘soul growth’ personally and globally again within the echelons of the authority and corporate models we’ve been operating under on this planet for a long time. It will continue for some time yet. 

So can we can work on and build some enthusiasm towards a life more inspiring? We must remember to have fun as well! This is a balancing act always. Let there be a sense of enjoyment but opening up to spiritual communion so as to create and manifest the best life for us and others. The last week of 2017 is about being honest and moving towards the future we desire. It can be a week of increased fun, and has a flirtatious side to it as well and all the while embracing the sacred aspect of how we can move forward into a brand new year better informed and prepared. A Full Moon right on this new year is very timely indeed. 

I’ll finish with a quote from a writer & spiritual Life Coach – Nicole Obyrne:

” All the love is within us. Do not look for the cup to be filled by others but fill it with the depths of our own hearts.” 

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and exciting New Year! 🙂 xx