Here we go again, with an exciting cosmic event that always brings with it some surprises, be they welcome or not so, they are merely an opportunity for us to work with them for our highest good. Tune in and see where the story unfolds for you! 

This is a Solar Eclipse in the soulful water sign of Pisces at 8 degrees. It happens on February 26th but is not really going to be visible for us here in Australia. It will be more so in South West Africa, most of Sth America, Pacific, Atlantic &  Indian Oceans & Antarctica. However astrologically speaking we are all under the influence! Now not only is the Sun & Moon in a new moon phase – same degree, but we have a stellium of planets in Pisces going on. Snuggled up with these two luminaries are also Neptune, Mercury, the Sth Node of the Moon (always close in an eclipse). Alongside this we have exact conjunction between fiery Mars and revolutionary gate crasher – Uranus! These two planets are a little like a box of matches together, and they are in an exact opposition to the great expander – Jupiter! Hello world! Well, we can look at many angles here with that configuration, and I am always one to look for the positives. However, I will start with a call for caution if you find yourself having trouble getting your point across over these few days. Think before you act is the all important thing here with Mars the warrior-like energy pushing the planet of unexpected change and prince of shock – Uranus! You see this works so well if you are consciously working on yourself and are aware of where you are and where you’d like to be. Going within and contemplating, meditating, and grounding yourself and moving with the tide in a trusting but intuitive way can be life altering for all the right reasons, but if you are spinning on the spot, reacting, fighting and resisting the long awaited changes that have been poking you in the ribs, it may be a tad uncomfortable! 

Also Mars & Uranus are tightening the square aspect to Pluto who loves demolishing things in it’s path, slowly and completely, ready to start again in a new form. We call this a T-Square as the angles between Jupiter (in Libra) and Mars & Uranus (in Aries) and Pluto ( in Capricorn) is a T shape, which also means in elements uncomfortable with each other. We have signs struggling to agree with each other. However, so much to teach each other…..if only we can compromise! 😉 

Uranus is about ‘individuation’ – striking out on our own individual soul purpose. The great awakener. He is against the authority, establishment and he wants FREEDOM! 

Jupiter is in Libra and he expands whatever he touches. Connects well to our higher consciousness.  He can either help, dominate, control and limit us, but in Libra he’s studying social justice. We can see the huge fluctuations socially & politically right now. The scales are tipping wildly. 

Pluto has been grinding away in earthy, authoritative  & responsible Capricorn for a long time now. He is like the backstop of the cosmic wallpaper at this time in history. Not much gets past this great transformer. Where have we lost, felt like we’ve had a kind of ‘death’ or just needed to let go? A phoenix rising out of the ashes is the image here. 

Interestingly Solar Eclipses are said to alter the magnetic field of Earth and we can liken an eclipse to switching the lights on and off again, but things will have changed and sometimes quite abruptly. They always happen near to the nodal axis and this one is on the south node meaning something has to be let go of. Knowing where this is in your own personal chart is so much more helpful, so worth finding out. You can get a free chart online and see where everything is but of course, best to talk with an Astrologer to dig deeper. With this moon phase being balsamic (last phase before the new), it’s always a psychic time and dreams and intuition are highlighted. Great to journal and reflect back on them. This is the time to plant the seeds for the future you want, but in particular for the next six months as we have the next eclipse in August this year! 

The Moon’s nodes will soon change into the polarity of Leo & Aquarius so this is the last eclipse in these signs of Virgo & Pisces for another 18yrs. On the day of the eclipse the nodes will be at 3 deg 20″ of Virgo & Pisces. Wherever that Sth Node is in your chart is a strong indication of what will be left behind in your life right now. Pisces is mostly associated with the divine love, forgiveness, compassion and an ego-less state of being. Being in the ‘flow of life.’ So it would be good to find a healthy and positive outlet for this energy such as being in nature, meditating, listening to uplifting music, creating art and envisage this new beginning you yearn for. It provides a fertile place for us to create from. Especially with Neptune the visionary planet very close by in Pisces as well. 

So I will finish off here as I don’t want to confuse you with too many scenarios, but just remember that we always have ‘choice’ and are not puppets on cosmic strings at the mercy of the wrath of some nasty planetary conspiracy! We are all moving within the rhythms of the universe and are subject to the same energetic connections as all other life is around us. If we can tune into the deeper meaning of life and try to let the cosmic signposts throw us a paddle so we can better navigate this amazing life we are creating with every breath we take, it might just start to make sense as otherwise if we stand apart and fall into separation, we risk feeling alienated and disconnected and can fall into victim consciousness, which is futile and so counter productive.

 I hope you all receive the blessings and beautiful gifts the universe has in store for you at this Solar Eclipse and always! 🙂 x