We have a lovely New Moon in Sagittarius happening on the 11th December, so as I always remind you, it is the perfect time to wipe the slate clean and set your intentions for the next month.  It is somewhat trumped by some pretty powerful energies stemming  from a harsh opposition from combative and action oriented Mars in Libra as he opposes unpredictable and rebellious Uranus in Aries. This all ties in with the ongoing square between the volcanic & transforming Pluto & Uranus, which has been waxing & waning in a challenging square aspect since late 2012 – demanding change.

So…..with Mars joining the party, it can be a a bit like the trigger being pulled on the gun as Mars ‘acts’ quickly and is combative and really doesn’t think before he acts! This doesn’t need to be aggressive or confrontational, as Mars can also be the catalyst for the change we may have been resisting. It’s just that it may be like being pushed in front of a freight train!

It’s not all scary and negative, as the Universe is always providing opportunities for growth and with this sometimes it can feel like a ‘crisis!’ Being mindful of how we react to these opposing energies is important. Take a deep breath, find some quiet time each day to sift over what is happening in your world. Practice responding to others without being triggered into defensive mode.
At the same time we do have some lovely aspects going on, such as Venus speaking harmoniously to Neptune. This is what love and beautiful dreams are made of! It also speaks of compassion so not only can be be in rapture with another, it may be about music, art, designing your dream home or perhaps doing some act of kindness to a friend who is down on their luck or maybe they are unwell and in need of help. Neptune brings the deeper and higher octave of love into this mix so hopefully this will soften the other fiery and unpredictable outburst from Mars, Uranus and Pluto energy! It’s all about our consciousness, so try to be alert to your inner feelings and find a healthy outlet for any pent up energy.

The Sun & Moon speak kindly to the rebel Uranus on days leading up the this New Moon cycle as the Moon will be in fiery Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries is trine to each other, which is also speaking of a positive and powerful push for change, so embrace whatever is knocking at your door, especially if you feel it resonates with your higher self.

There will be a continuing theme of ‘mutability’ into 2016 as the mutable signs such as Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are being triggered as well. This is when situations literally shift like the sand. Mutable energy is movable, versatile and does not stay the same. So if you are a very fixed personality type it may prove to be a bit frustrating or difficult if you don’t learn to ‘go with the flow.’ The Moon’s Nodes have moved out of Libra / Aries  polarity and are now on the Virgo / Pisces axis so here we will all feel a change in the air. We will be thinking about our health and diets more, and humility should be the focus now as we heed the lessons learned in recent past from the previous Libra / Aries – the ‘you & me’ complex. Learning to co-operate with ‘the other’ should now be digested into our psyche, and with this new mutable energy we should be feeling better able to embrace the change that this mutable energy stands for. With Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, there will be a dissolving of barriers and movement of stagnant energies helping us all to move on again. So don’t be fearful of the imminent change ahead. Revel in it!

I will leave it there and hope this helps you all to have a clearer picture of what is going on in the cosmic soup we swim in.

I did have the pleasure of attending a really inspirational workshop up in Byron Bay a couple of weeks ago. One of my favourite Astrologers – Kaypacha has been touring in Australia (Melb & Nth coast NSW)  and I was so grateful to attend this weekend learning more about Evolutionary Astrology and enjoying some healing Kundalini Yoga. I highly recommend his weekly Pele Reports as he is such fun and a very spiritual astrologer with so much knowledge and experience. Always you meet wonderful people on these weekends as well. I really enjoyed the whole experience.

Take care and may your New Moon wishes come true!
Love & light,