I feel it’s important to review the story around the current transit of Saturn in Scorpio. From October 2012 – September 2015  Saturn spend his time in this zone. We all have been feeling the weight of this pragmatic energy of Saturn, which governs the institutions such as banks, education, the law, education and pretty much the areas of life that give us structure and some sense of what is working for us. Next to this planet of structure and order is the moon’s nodal axis which is also extremely important in the big scheme of things. It is in the axis of Scorpio and Taurus which points to the collective direction of destiny. The last cycle of Saturn in Scorpio was from 1984 – 1986 and was very much around the topic of AIDS. This was a paramount in the field of research into the ramifications of this arena of sexuality and how it was impacting society at large. A similar nodal axis is reaching is climax now, and at its most potent, around November 3rd 2013 which is the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

Right now it is a smoother cycle for Saturn in Scorpio as compared to 2006 – 2011 as back then it was creating tension due to the T square with Uranus (planet of change) and Pluto (planet of transformation, death and rebirth). Saturn started its cycle in Scorpio with a trine (harmonious aspect) to Neptune in Pisces (water) – emotional compass and deep intuitive dream states; especially in the first few weeks of October 2012 and then trine to Chiron (deep inner healing & pain) in November 2012 and then in mutual reception Saturn in Scorpio & Pluto in Capricorn in harmonious aspect to each other – earth & water. This has been active through 2013. This mutual reception tends to forge or break deep bonds (Scorpio) and lasting commitments (Saturn). This helps to focus on building from a solid ground and foundation. This may be seen in the current attitudes towards stricter gun control and on topic of violence.

The Grand Water Trine this year formed by Chiron (asteroid – wounded healer) and Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Cancer and Saturn in Scorpio helps to soften the edges of the intense square between destructive Pluto in Capricorn and revolutionary Uranus in Aries. This will be a water drenched Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coming up for us all in November 2013.

Saturn in Scorpio is about responsibility and serious matters in finance, both collective and personal shared resources, investments, inheritance and pensions etc. Saturn can be about limitations, responsibilities and losses through joint finances. Also it looks at deep emotional intimacy and bonding, purging, betrayals, survival and fears. It can be a time of endings where in its previous cycle of Saturn in Libra it was all about diplomacy and ‘keeping it together.’ Now in Scorpio, many are faced with a harsh breaking point of some description. It is also a ‘fixed’ sign, meaning it doesn’t manage change too well. Saturn means business in Scorpio. Trust and betrayal are the major keywords.

Serious consideration in relationships and merging of assets. Inheritance, taxes, bankruptcy, loans, shares etc. They all figure prominently. Karmic conditions align strongly wherever Saturn travels.

The Moon’s Nodal axis in Scorpio and Taurus asks ‘how do you value yourself?’ Aim to raise your perception to a level so you don’t sell yourself short. Taurus on the South Node is all about releasing and will be defensive to any threat of ownership. Self-worth is paramount here. So what you get is merely a reflection of your own sense of self worth. Scorpio / Taurus is money related and thus security , possessions. and negative greed and envy.  Scorpio is about releasing, sharing resources for greater good. Be mindful of that ‘poverty consciousness’ and ‘scarcity thinking. The fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel it mostly. Especially when one has the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars (personal planets) in these signs. This will be mostly until Saturn leaves Scorpio in late 2015.

its still a time of great potential, spiritual growth and if we can dig deep and be honest with ourselves and use this time to purge ourselves of outworn attitudes and behaviours that no longer serve us , we will emerge stronger and revitalized.  As difficult as these times may be for us, they are brimming with opportunity and expansion. Keep moving forward and enjoy these times of exponential growth.