Welcome to the New Moon in Libra – 

SYDNEY:             OCT 20th  6.12 AM
NEW YORK :       OCT 19th   3.12AM

LONDON:            OCT 19th   8.12 PM 


This new moon is all about balance! It is is in the harmonising sign of Libra. The ‘give & take’ in our relationships are really highlighted now and this may be a wonderful time of blossoming in all aspects of our lives. Where is it we need to work on the deficits in our most cherished connections? 

At this time we have Scorpio taking a stand! The sun is still in the last degrees of Libra at 27 degrees. However, we have Mercury ( the communications master) at 5 degrees Scorpio, Mercury at 5 degrees & Jupiter at 2 degrees Scorpio! So we have a theme going on here! Intensity around our relationships and real soul searching. Today we had the Sun & the Moon opposing Uranus in fiery Aries. With the moon opposing Uranus in Aries we will feel a little discombobulated with this energy for a short time. Libra preaches diplomacy, Uranus in Aries says ‘bugger that! This is how it is! Like it or lump it!’ 

Remembering the New Moon is the ideal time to make the wishes or ‘intentions’ for the impending month or even just your future in general. This is a really wonderful time to connect with the water element. When Mercury is in Scorpio, our thoughts and communications are more probing and intense. While Mercury in Libra urged us to find balance and to arrive at fair solutions, Mercury in Scorpio instinctively knows that life simply isn’t fair. Mercury in Scorpio seeks truths in all that is hidden and undercover. We tend to probe, observe, and focus our thoughts under this influence. 

Being a little at odds with this energy isn’t new for us as its been happening on and off since late 2016. The Sun will shortly move out of Libra into the water sign of Scorpio and so complete this line up of planets in Scorpio, and so pairing up with expansive Jupiter in Scorpio. What we can expect to experience more of are deep desires, fears, sexual issues, shared resources, investments, taxes, secrets, hidden matters, suspicion and mysteries. 

The more negative traits to me mindful of with Scorpio energy are possessiveness, jealousy, control and manipulation over others. It’s very primal and complex but the aim is to bring about transformation and rebirth though this process, but only if we can bring awareness into it. It’s interesting at the moment to see what is unfolding through the media surrounding the sexual harassment in Hollywood surface. Obviously it is not only in this area but there will always be a resurfacing and sacrificial element when these planetary energies are at play. Under this umbrella of sexuality and the Libran themes of justice and fairness couple with Jupiter demanding the outright truth! 

Depth will be sought in certain areas of interest or studies. It can be done in a more penetrating and obsessive manner under the guise of Scorpio. Mars will soon enter the sign of Libra and stays until December 9th. He’s not very comfortable in Libra as Mars is way too impatient, assertive and impulsive, so he will be a little frustrated to say the least, which means ‘we’ can be also. Libra likes diplomacy, and time to decide on the best outcome. So therefore our ‘actions’ may require more deliberation which will prove frustrating particularly for the more assertive of impulsive personality types. 

Venus has returned to LIbra now and will be there until November 7th. This is a good thing as she is in her own sign here operating very comfortably, endeavouring to bring harmony and peace to our relationships, so this is on top of the concurrent energies from the Sun opposing Uranus in Aries. Towards the end of October, Venus will start to form a challenging square with Pluto in Capricorn which can trigger those lower vibrations of Scorpio (Pluto ruled) such as jealousy, manipulation and obsessions. Mercury will also be close by which may only reinforce this. Being forewarned is forearmed! This is a great time to do a bit of self examination around all these issues, and instead of reacting negatively, we would be better off facing them and shining a light on that shadow, as we are all capable of letting these emotions flare up, especially in our closest relationships. 

As always remember that the New Moon is the phase that is all about manifesting or setting our intentions, so be mindful of what you wish for! This energy continues a few days after the New Moon but it’s always best to start just before, on and just after, thinking about or writing about what or where it is you’d like to see yourself and your life unfolding. 

I send you all love and best wishes for a wonderful New Moon in Libra!