We have a powerful New Moon coming up on  October 31st at 7 degrees of Scorpio. There is also a stellium of planets in Scorpio at the same time with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Black Moon Lillith (not a planet) all amplifying this powerful vibe. We are being urged to dig deep and make the ‘unconscious’ – ‘conscious.’ Are you witnessing some power struggles or issues with those in authority,work colleagues, loved ones or just with people around you in general? We are all subject to these energies and it is a time of awakening really. There is always a very potent message lurking when Scorpio is in charge. With the New Moon phase it is a perfect time to wipe that slate clean of all the skeletons in the closet and observe what has not been working for you. A great time to go within, face your demons, release the old outworn behaviours, the self doubts and suppressed & disowned patterns as anything that is not being brought to the surface will just be mirrored back to us until we do. 

There are also two polarities at play going on as well. On one hand we have the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Scorpio (trine) harmoniously speaking with Neptune in Pisces, prompting creative and soulful pursuits. Then we have Pluto & Mars in a challenging angle (square) to the planet of change and revolution – Uranus. This is certainly ‘challenging’ and has an awakening nature to it, but not altogether comfortable for us. There may be conflict with this overall Mars type of energy (Mars is the lover octave of Pluto & traditional ruler of Scorpio). Be mindful to avoid accidents at this time also. Not to be scared and on edge, but be more mindful in general. Cultivate patience and be forewarned that at this time authority will raise its head in many arenas. This could be anything from one’s boss, the banks, the governments, our teachers or anyone who has ‘power’ over us. People may be triggered more easily at this time, more so than usual. There may be much need for conflict resolution. Take note of what is going on around you as there always is a lesson in it for us, personally and collectively. 

So this New Moon in Scorpio sets the tone for the whole month. Even though late this Tuesday the moon moves into fiery and truth seeking Sagittarius, it will be the intensity of transformative Scorpio that taps away at our unconscious and demands some serious housekeeping! Venus conjuncts (next to) serious Saturn today, so there could be some focus on commitment around love and / or money. It is a little sobering. Venus also makes a challenging square aspect to the nodes of the moon, so again a rather awkward but important push in the direction of what is best for us especially in the area of health and our everyday habits. Are we doing what we need to do to move forward and carve a better way of doing so? Virgo makes us work hard for this so it usually entails a rolling up of our sleeves and will not let us take short cuts. So wherever that is in your charts makes it more specific. 

Remember also we are still working within the energy of Jupiter in Libra so how are we going with our partnerships, both romantic and in general? The balance of masculine and feminine, the Yin & the Yang of it all! Jupiter expands all it touches and always asks for growth and magnification. He is in Libra until early October 2017 before moving into Scorpio, so the thing is to explore and grow with the qualities of Libra – balance, co-operation, harmony, fairness and love, so that we are ready for the next lot of lessons in the new energy of Scorpio. Jupiter always transits for one year in each sign, so we get plenty of time to learn and revise. 

So to wind it up, we are looking to resolve our conflicts as they are highlighted during and after this New Moon in Scorpio. Bring them up out of the shadows, and know that nobody is excluded in this exercise. This is our human experience and can only bring inner healing. Getting below the surface to see the real truths takes effort and is not always easy or without compromise or pain. Accepting this is so important for our growth. Embrace and express your deepest and most powerful truths and emotions! 

May you enjoy this wonderful New Moon in Scorpio! 🙂