The New Moon in Scorpio – 19 degrees happens for us here in Australia in the early hours of 12th November – 4.47am. As always, the New Moon heralds a time of starting over for the new lunar cycle. Scorpio talks of transformation and deep change so it is a powerful one and a great opportunity to make positive changes for ourselves. Any bad habits you really want to shift will get the attention if you have the intention.

It is also well aspected to Jupiter, expressing itself with a feeling of expansion, inner growth and generosity. It lines up also with a Fixed Star called – Zubeneschamali at 19 deg 37″, and it also has the planetary nature of Jupiter so it is a very fortunate energy here. The Sun, Moon & Mercury will be very closely aligned also so the mind will be activated and should sharpen the intellect increasing one’s ability to share thoughts and feelings. Harmoniously links between the benefic Jupiter and Mercury also point towards optimism and generosity of spirit. Great social indicators.

Venus is now in the loving and diplomatic sign of Libra so until December 4th we should all feel a softer approach , employing charm rather than aggressive undertones will be evident. The shadow side of this however is sometime co-dependency, inconsistency and superficiality. Mars moves out of Virgo too and into Libra on the same day as the New Moon – 12/11. Mars may not be as direct here as the brakes go on in Libra making sure he behaves himself and uses some diplomacy and decorum. Passive aggression is the shadow sided of this placement.

Things will lighten up when the Sun moves out of Scorpio and into fiery Sagittarius on Nov 23rd, as fire and air is always a lighter energy after the watery depths of Scorpio wash over us and the Virgo energy for Venus and Mars has been a bit challenging at times. There is a healing vibe with jolly Jupiter opposing healing Chiron, but we must guard against that ‘projection’ and tendency to blame others for what is not working in our world. This is a great time for making those changes and re writing the stories of our lives. With Jupiter it always heralds great opportunity for growth and having those realizations about what isn’t working for us anymore. Finding the tools and skills to change some of them. By November 11th Mercury, Moon and Sun are conjunct, or very close to each other, and this can feel a bit irritating. Feelings & thoughts are all very intensely linked and not much room to breath here, so it will pass so remember to …..breathe!

The Moons Nodes will be changing from Libra / Aries axis to the Virgo / Pisces axis, this Friday. They have been in the Libra / Aries position since March 2014, so this is a big change of energy also. We are moving away from the quest of how to consider the ‘other’ and have hopefully learned lessons of compromise, consideration, socialization and all those ‘me versus us’ themes. Now we are going to be learning a new perspective through the Virgo / Pisces energy which will be a bit more humbling indeed. The Nodal axis moves backwards in the zodiac. There may be some feelings of being criticized or being found out to be wrong here and there. Quite a bit shift and adjustment in our approach and will find new lessons in how to be the best in our evolutionary soul growth. More about that in the blogs up ahead.

So for this New Moon on 20 degrees of Scorpio, the Sabian Symbol (prophetic oracle for each degree of the zodiac) happens to be “A Woman Drawing Aside Two Dark Curtains That Closed The Entrance to a Sacred Pathway.” This talks of the ability or need to be able to draw aside confusion or obstructions that impede our path or stop us from realizing where we could be or trying to get to. Having courage and noticing all sorts of new possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. The key messages here are – after a long wait, invitations to the unknown, the revelation, new openings and perspectives, are all shining a light on our life path for us to grow and evolve. 

I wish you all a very happy New Moon and may your intentions be bold, healthy and full of promise! Enjoy the new lunar cycle.

Love & light. 🙂