Here we are on the eve of an exciting New Moon in the fiery, regal and sun ruled sign of Leo! Also it is only just into Leo as it will be in 0 degrees 24 mins. So the Sun and Moon snuggle up closely and the moon has it’s phase of dimming it’s light and recharging itself in a way ready for the next complete monthly phase once again. As always, the new moon is a time of starting fresh, thinking about how and what we’d like to see unfold over the next month and beyond. Always it has this energy but it changes with each sign as far as it’s tone goes. This one heralds the Sun moving out of Cancer and into Leo so it’s quite remarkable to have it in 0 degrees. There will be a couple of eclipses this month in Leo, although the 1st on on the 7th will only be partial, but makes way for the big total Solar Eclipse on August 21st, and it is being called the Great American Eclipse as it will be 100% visible from one side of America across to the other. Very interesting times we are living in so let’s see what huge changes come about around that time especially for the United States. 

There are 30 degrees in each house or cycle for a planet to move through a particular sign, and we call the beginning and the end degrees ‘critical’ as they have more energy there. So with this New Moon and Sun being in 0 deg, it is very strong indeed. With the Solar Eclipse on August 21st, it will be 28 deg, so again, critical. This is quite a month, packed with Leo energy. Not only that but we then have over six planets in fire. The other fiery aspect around this New Moon is that Mars (ruler of Aries) is right there with the Sun & Moon and only 1 degree away. Mars rules action, war, sex, desires and loves to get things moving and with a harsh square aspect to unpredictable Uranus over in Aries, there will be the tendency to become frustrated, angry and without a healthy outlet for all this combustable energy, it could lead to anger outbursts, accidents and general discord if not careful. It’s best to let off steam with some vigorous exercise or in some way so that is doesn’t end up pushing your buttons in a negative way, which can never be helpful. So forewarned is forearmed. Turn that Mars energy into something positive. Think about what or where it is that you’ve needed the push to get a project done or finished. Mars does give more ambition here as especially resonating with that number 1 energy. Here is the drive to create something of your own! If you can grab hold of the reins and guide this energy, it can serve you well. It’s only when we are wandering around unconsciously and letting this force take control of our emotions that we act out indiscriminately.  

We do have some positive aspects going on at the same time, so never fear! The Moon & Sun will be trine to Chiron (asteroid – wounded healer) and Neptune in Pisces, the visionary. They are at 28 degrees, so again adding up to number 1 energy, this signals a desire to create a better life as we should be aware of past failures and disappointments. What hasn’t worked for us in the past can be seen in a ‘new light’ now as this is how the universe works. This new moon phase will merge with this beautiful message from Neptune and the Wounded Healer Chiron, to ultimately light the best way forward now after we have gone down the path which may have been laden with trials and tribulations. We may have had to really fall down and scrape our knees before we could get up again, and now with the wisdom of hindsight, we understand what we must do to move forward for our highest good. Of course this will vary for all of us, but if you stop and really think about it, you should know deep down where these changes are for you. Chiron always helps up to amend any failures. He will help us heal, even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time we are enduring the pains of growth. With Mars on the other side arm in arm with Moon & Sun in Leo, we should have the desire to communicate these renewed insights and be in the spotlight, for now will be a better opportunity for what it is we wish to unfold. 

Mercury in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius are in a lovely trine aspect to each other so that is positive. Our ideas will have structure and the fire of Leo & Sagittarius gives roots to any concepts or ideas we have for our projects or whatever we are working on. Just off this square but still in orb is Uranus in Aries. So this gives the inventive, sparks of inspiration to all of that so you can see the potential here with all this creative energy flying about. Mercury is conjunct the North Node in Leo as well, so this is about our personal (& global) evolution. Being in Leo, there is much light, warmth, energy pulsating from his ruler, the Sun, so make the best of this time to really work on what you are passionate about as it will take flight under this sky. Mercury is slowing down and will soon be retrograde on the 14th August, so that is always a good reminder to double check your diary for appointments, schedules and computer back ups, vehicle servicing etc. Apart from that it’s always a time to ‘revise, re-visit, relax, rewind, and generally take time to think over all this new stuff going on for you, as by 7th September, he goes direct but always give it another week before you make solid forward plans if possible. Signing contracts are best left until after the Retrograde phase, but again, this is not always possible. Just double check all the details and read the fine print as they say. Talking about Retrogrades, the good news is that Saturn finally goes direct on 26th August! Yahoo, as good old ‘Father Time’ has his way of making us all feel the weights as he demands order, structure and sometimes long detentions for those areas in our lives that require his authority. Depending on where Saturn has been in your chart, you will start to feel a bit lighter as if the lead boots are coming off, finally! 

So if I can give any advise on this Leo New Moon, I would say – open from the heart space, find the joy, get creative, be open to those sparks of inspiration and genius, for they are around you. Let Mars help fuel this energy and not hinder it. See it as a great springboard into the second New Moon for August – the total Solar Eclipse also in Leo! This is a very powerful month indeed. 

Shine bright, roar loud & proud and enjoy this New Moon in Leo!