We are moving towards a New Moon in Cancer by next Monday 8/7 so my brief post is to start thinking about those changes and intentions you wish to aim for. New Moons are the time for that magic where the law of attraction really comes into play. Work with those energies and write down where or how you see yourself in the near future, make your wish, light your candle, however your ritual may be, it will be powerful at the dark moon phase. Also still have Moon in Gemini now so the energies can be a bit scattered, along with that Mercury Retrograde, so just double check your schedules, and all those other areas that are prone to playing a bit of havoc with this backward motion. Revise, review, wind down with this slowing down of energies, both lunar and planetary. A couple of retrograde planets happening and Uranus to join mid month. I’ll do a post on that one. Very tight square in place still with the powerful Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries, and to add to the mood, Sun in Cancer is in difficult aspect to that planet of change – Uranus and also lovely Venus is now in Leo….fun, glamour and creative juices flowing! However, there is a bit of tension in the air with these dominating ‘square’ aspects between the big players in the cosmos, so just keep moving forward with your changes, don’t lose heart, and actually bring your feelings into that heart as it will serve you much better if you do. Expansive Jupiter in Cancer and is thrilled to be there so he is helping us cope and is the lucky planet so don’t despair! One last thing……Saturn has been retrograde since mid Feb this year but slowing down now and goes direct next Tuesday 9/7, so your inner strength has been tested and hopefully you have come out of this much stronger and the direction will be there for you more clearly a few days after his direct motion. It has been a frustrating time but a necessary time of personal growth. That’s life as we say! Different for all of us yet a collective similarity in terms of trials and tribulations. This was meant to be brief! Time for a blog about these changes in more detail. Stay tuned! Happy New Moon wishes and may all your dreams come true! 🙂