Archaic-Yin-Yang-Pisces-Aries The Sun is in Pisces prompting our imagination and sometimes a wish to escape into the dreamy world far away from the harsher side of life. From 19th Feb to 21st March the sun travels through the mutable and water sign of Pisces. Amplifying this is the planetary ruler of Pisces – Neptune, is snuggled up within two degrees so it’s a very dreamy and watery vibe. However, don’t be lulled into thinking it’s all dreams & fantasy as there is plenty of fire to keep us on our toes. With a stack of planets in fiery Aries, there is a real sense of wanting to push forward and in some cases, some very combative reactions if not mindful. Depending on where that happens in your personal chart is where you will be motivated to act. Try to keep that volatile energy positively channelled. It can be a bit explosive, so be careful with it but as I say, it can be a real fuse for getting things done. Expect the unexpected with Uranus in the mix. That ongoing big square is being activated for the last time between Pluto and Uranus so this is adding to the pressure cooker vibe we may be all feeling too. How is this last push for change and revolution going in your world? There is also a Venus & Mars conjunction (closely aspected) and Jupiter in fiery Leo, Saturn in expansive Sagittarius, which is really changing the astro climate for us at this time. I will try to give a brief insight for you and hope it guides you along this new year which is already well under way.

VENUS & MARS – Cosmic lovers join forces….   These two planets talk of love and romance and in 2015 they are out in front. They meet up not once, not twice, but three times during the year. Late February they moved into fiery and energetic Aries, early September they enter Leo, early November – Virgo. The keywords this year with these two personal planets are – unity, co-operation and togetherness. So there will be helpings of self-expression, independence and autonomy with Mars making a show. With Venus we get a need for sensuality, love and relationships. So there may be renewed love for some and for others, a new relationship or way of communicating will be the outcome. Venus & Mars join up in hot headed Aries and pass the unpredictable planet Uranus on their travels in first couple weeks in March….so can be a bit shocking for some.

SATURN IN SAGITTARIUS – Saturn (boundary maker and planet of responsibility) is now in big thinking and adventurous Sagittarius after two years of working Scorpio over. Time to ‘practice what we preach’ with this two and a half year transit! So living according to our personal truths is the major focus here. There is a danger for fundamentalism to come to the surface here. No surprise really as there is so much of this going on around us anyway, however it unfortunately it may add fuel to the fire as Sagittarius can be a very dogmatic and prompt people or religions to amplify there cause. We all need to be aware that our views and beliefs are just that….ours, and not to dictate or be swept up with the fanatical climate that tends to rear its ugly head during these transits. Back in the fourteenth century the Knights Templar were tortured, imprisoned or put to death during a previous transit of Saturn in Sagittarius. Try to be positive, examine your core beliefs, paving the way of positive change and acceptance of difference.


JUPITER IN LEO – We also have big expansive Jupiter in Leo (planet of growth, expansion & spiritual/religious views) until mid August, so this is big, expansive and working to fan the flames of creativity and fun loving activities. While in Leo, this includes entertainment, children, creativity and romance. Jupiter likes to learn, so taking up study in the arts or in some creative pursuit is a common theme. Jupiter stays in a sign for one year so this energy is active until August 11th this year. The fire signs all benefit from this transit in particular and so depending on where Jupiter resides in your chart will determine the extra boost of good fortune and push for growth & expansion you will be receiving. Just to warn you though, all that is big and delivered in super sizes is not always good for us. So be aware of your excesses and understand that there must be a limit to our indulgences and how much we can deliver or revel in. This planet is the biggest in our solar system so it is hard to know where the boundaries are here at times with this benevolent planet. Say yes thank you, but remember to say when! 🙂


PLUTO URANUS SQUARE – Mid March heralds the last of this longstanding and most powerful aspect between the power player – Pluto and cosmic rebel – Uranus. Since 2012 we have seen some huge shifts and movement in our worlds, both on a personal and global level. Many peoples lives have changed beyond recognition especially during 2013 & 2014. This cycle actually began in the late 1960’s when revolution was in the air. These two planets were conjunct, or very close to each other in aspect. Now they are in square aspect, or 90 degrees apart. Now we are seeing the manifestation of what was stirring back then. Uranus is the catalyst for change, Pluto is the potentially destructive titanic forces of nature. Pluto rises from the depths, transforming everything in its wake.  He rules Scorpio, the most passionate and intense warrior of the zodiac. This final square coincides with the total solar eclipse when Mars conjuncts Uranus in Aries, the sign Mars rules! All at the same time forming a harsh angle to transformative Pluto. We hope for growth, regeneration and authenticity, both in our own personal lives and in the word around us. Don’t fear this aspect but work with it and make sure you are living consciously and working with this push for change and shed your spiritual skin for something that really feels right for you. There are great gifts to be enjoyed after this process.


MARCH SOLAR ECLIPSE –  What do you need to sign off on? On 20th March we have a solar eclipse in Pisces at the New Moon, the day before the Autumn Equinox. We in Australia don’t get to view this total eclipse but the effects are still felt here regardless. Solar Eclipses signal new chapters in our lives. Their effects tend to be felt for the next six months after. Depending on our self awareness, we may be both enlightened and frightened by what takes place deep down inside during this time. The emotional patterns, subconscious mind and gut feelings (Moon) tend to clash with or block  our outward or conscious energy (Sun). This will occur on the very last degree of Pisces and the zodiac, considered to be a karmic point representing enlightenment and the completion of our karmic lessons at this point in time. An old cycle ends and a new one begins. Healing old wounds may come into play also as the wounded healer – Chiron will also be very close to this eclipse indicating some healing to come out of this process. If you have your own birth chart available, look up to see where 29 – 30 degrees of Pisces is to give yourself some idea of the message being beamed to you more definitively.


I wish you all well during this exciting time which will no doubt mean different things to different people, but overall, there are some very positive changes happening for us all and the world keeps on turning and we are all key players in this game of life! Give it your best and celebrate every opportunity to move forward and seek self understanding.

Love & light! 🙂