Brace yourselves for a big energy of love, drama and all that comes with this big juicy Full Moon in Leo coming up on and around Valentines Day this week. With the Moon in this fiery love centred sign, it magnifies the emotions so you may feel the need to really express how you ‘feel’ in a BIG way and looking at the accompanying aspects around this time, I see that the conversations will be honest and based on the motivations for change and may bring up those much needed conversations in our relationships.

With the planet of communication – Mercury – still in his retrograde motion, communication may get a little tangled so be clear and double check all arrangements and remember that at the end of Feb when back in his forward motion, life will make more sense to us. Remember the positive spin on this backwards direction of Mercury is that we get a chance to ‘revise,’ ‘review,’ & ‘reconsider’ where we are at, so it’s never all frustration and stuff ups.

The Sun in Aquarius makes a connection with Saturn which gives us a chance to get ‘grounded’ as well, so make the most of this energy. Make some long term visions.

Mars, the Sun and the Moon also aspect each other in a rather harmonious way which can bring changes that may be self-initiated. We can feel more control of our lives and it does point towards the direction of positive change. Mars has his turn at going Retrograde in a couple of weeks – 2nd March, so I will post separately on this one, but different to Mercury, Mars rules motivation, and desire and is the planet of action and so this will be another period to learn important lessons and to ‘review’ how we are doing things.

Mercury has been in watery Pisces lately but moving backwards he goes back into the airy, intellectual and cooler sign of Aquarius on the 14/2 as well, so this will alter the way we connect as the watery, intuitive, softer Pisces passes the baton to the more distant and objective sign that Aquarius is. Some great ideas abound when Mercury is in this inventive and eccentric sign. He also will be harmonious with Mars in Libra and the Moon in Leo, so the feel is much more easy in this area of our lives.

On Sat 15/2, the Moon is opposing Mercury so there will be a short period where there will be an internal battle between the logical mind and our gut instinct. Emotions are really the guiding force, so try to remember this, or that ego will get in the way and try to convince you otherwise. The Moon in Leo is the dominant picture here – issues close to the heart will rise up and take centre stage.

So have a very happy Valentine’s Day, and be prepared maybe for some dramatic displays of affection, whether they be welcome or not, it will be difficult to ignore how you feel, so try to come from a good place and let love be your guide.

Full Moon times:

Sydney – 15th February 10:53 am AEDT

Auckland – 15th February 12:53 pm NZST

New York Р14th  February 6:53 pm EST

London – 14th February 11:53 pm GMT

Planetary tracks:

Sun in Aquarius until 19/2  РSun in Pisces on 19/2 Р20/3

Mercury in Pisces until 14/2 – Mercury in Aquarius 15/2 – 18/3 (Mercury goes direct on 1/3)

Venus in Capricorn until 5/3 – Venus in Aquarius 6/3 – 5/4

Mars in Libra until 27/7 – Mars in Scorpio 27/7 – 29/9 (Mars goes Retrograde 2/3 -21/5)