Yahoo! The big news on the astro street at the moment is that Jupiter – the big jolly, santa claus and all round good guy of the zodiac, is moving into the sunny, fire sign of Leo today – July 16th 2014. Jupiter stays in a sign for 12 months and so for the last year he has been moving through the watery and emotional sign of Cancer. Actually, Jupiter is what we call ‘exalted’ in Cancer so it has been a very beneficial journey in that sign as well. Triggering off all things family, introspective, nurturing and caring. We have been compelled to go inwards, and seek our truth there. So the energy will be very different in the masculine and fiery sign of Leo. It will be a more outward expression of Jupiter’s energy which is all about expansion, travel, growth in whatever area of the chart he is occupying. Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius and is a fellow fire sign so there is compatibility here with the sister fire signs of Leo and Aries. 


The keywords for Jupiter are – optimism, truth, expansion, education, travel luck, rewards, philosophy and good fortune. So we can generally look forward to a lighter and more outward expression of Jupiter’s radiance. He also acts as ‘teacher’ & ‘student.’ Jupiter’s influence is to filter his lessons and messages of hope, philosophy and wisdom through whatever sign he occupies. With Jupiter in Leo we are talking about fun, holidays, romance, celebrations, creativity, drama, children, love affairs, abundance, status and wealth – all things ‘bold and beautiful!’ 


Let your inner light shine out into the world. Being authentic and making yourself seen is the message and so let go of negativity and false beliefs that don’t serve you is the message. Tap into this beautifully creative Leo energy and feel the warmth and promise of Jupiter’s new cycle. 


This is a truly welcome time for all of us, but in particular the sister fire signs – Aries, Sagittarius and Leo, followed closely by the air signs – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Jupiter will be activating the themes of the house in your chart that it occupies, or what house is ruled by Leo in your chart, so it helps if you know where this is. If you don’t know, you can order a chart and reading by me (go to services on the menu & astrology consultations) or you can have a quick free chart calculated on Astrodiest at www.astro.com, if you have your time of birth. 


I hope the year ahead brings good things your way and may your dreams turn into reality and bear luscious juicy fruit!