We are moving closer to the Full Moon in Scorpio which will be over 22nd and 23rd April. It will be on 2 deg 30 of Scorpio so knowing where this is in your chart helps you get a clearer picture of what that will mean for you. However, the overall theme always with this watery and intense sign is transformation. Deep inner change, the digging deep, and on a full moon the culmination of events is the energy of this part of the lunar cycle.

What is also interesting is that we have so many planets going retrograde (appearing to move backwards). Mars is stationing right now and will be retro from the 18/4 until 30/6. This is the traditional ruler of Scorpio so this make it all the more auspicious. Mars governs energy, the way we ‘act’ or what motivates us. So there will be a slowing down and perhaps a bit of frustration around this reversal of energy. It is a good time, as with all retrograde phases, to review and be retrospective. Think about how we make those goals, what really motivates us and look at how we manage these kinds of things in our world. We may have to keep tabs on our frustration and anger. Don’t push against this reversing of the tide for a while.

The first part of April we had lots of fiery energy with the focus on Aries  placements, Mars in Sagittarius, which initiates and seems to be running on high energy. Now we are seeing shifts as we move into the zone of Taurus – Earth and fixed. This is a great grounding energy and so although very different in its expression it is still very much about the transformative messages from this Scorpio Full Moon.

We also have many other planets going retrograde or already doing so.

Mars in Sagittarius ( energy, action, motivation, war, anger ) 18/4 – 30/6

Mercury in Taurus (communications, transport etc) goes retro on 29/4 – 23/5.

Saturn in Sagittarius  (restrictions, boundaries, structure ) already from 26/3 – 14/8.

Jupiter in Virgo (expansion, education, travel, religion) already from  9/1 – 10-5

Neptune in Pisces ( dreams, visions, illusions ) 14/6 – 21/11

Pluto in Capricorn (transforming, death & rebirth, upheaval) 19/4 – 27/11

So, for the next couple of months, we really have quite a  lot to deal with. There will be trials and tribulations but also lots of healing to be done. There is a conjunction between Venus & Uranus in Aries squaring off to Pluto in Capricorn, linking strong feelings of independence, freedom & originality versus the safety and security of one’s situation, be it your relationship or wherever you feel the need to make some adjustments and decisions. This is the long standing square between these two outer planets but with Venus snuggling up with Uranus it brings in the themes of relationships, money and love.

Jupiter is still speaking via Virgo reminding us to get our stuff together and do what it takes, and to nourish ourselves and leave no stone unturned. In mid June Jupiter reverses back to revisit the Nodal Axis touching the North Node in Virgo and therefore triggering the polarity between Virgo / Pisces. Throughout 2016, expansive and perhaps unexpected opportunities could appear that feel like they’re pushing us towards our destiny. These are most likely to be in areas associated with Jupiter – teaching, publishing, broadcasting, travel, international affairs, the law, politics, philosophy, ethics, religion/faith, human rights, and charity work.

There’s potential for the Nth Node to add energy to the less than positive Jupiter in Virgo qualities too – self-criticism and criticism of others, nit-picking, perfectionism, overthinking and over-complicating things, excessive worry, getting lost in the details, and self-righteousness. Both Jupiter and the Nth Node have an expansive influence, and while this can be positive if you’re following the higher path of Virgo, it can be very challenging if you let it getaway on you and give way to those overly critical tendencies and only see what needs correcting or fixing. It will be important for all of us, but particularly those of us a strong Virgo signature in our chart, to keep tabs on these tendencies so they don’t get out of control.

In the meantime, as always, try to keep clear, healthy, grounded and work with the wonderfully insightful phases of the Moon as that is always a strong compass for us all to navigate the world around us. 

Love and light,

Anne. 🙂