moon goddess picThere is a Full Moon in Scorpio rising for us all this weekend. We are not quite on it yet but the energy is palpable. What this means is that the Sun is in earthy Taurus and the Moon will soon be on the same degree – 13 deg 23 ” in the sign of Scorpio,  therefore opposing one another. This is a good time to purge and release that which isn’t needed. With the Full Moon in Scorpio we are dealing with control and intimacy. Heightened emotions are always present with a full moon but more so with Scorpio. The Moon’s themes are further accentuated with a challenging aspect to Jupiter in Leo as this placement is square to the watery position of Scorpio at this moment. Jupiter in Leo wants to be seen but the Scorpio moon is far more secretive.

Scorpio loves a challenge and dives deep. The Taurus- Scorpio polarity deals with balance between all that is “mine” (Taurus) and all that is “yours” (Scorpio).  The concept of form Vs transformation. The Sun in Taurus wants us to be happy with the simple and tangible things in life while the Moon in Scorpio draws attention the complexities, intangibles and mysteries. Neglecting either end of the axis could backfire on us. A balance should be found the two energies. This is what the Full Moon invites us to do.

This phase is on 13 deg 23″ of Taurus so affecting the people born with personal planets approximatel 11-15 degrees in all the fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius. Most is Mercury which is Retrograde (backwards motion) from 18/5 – 11/6. This indicates an especially curious and sociable atmosphere. Mercury (planet of communication) is very much at home in Gemini which is its ruling planet.  From 30/4 – 8/7 Mercury is spending a longer sojourn here in Gemini due to this Retrograde motion. Remember this is a time to ‘review, revise, remember, and double check dates, appointments and keep very alert to mixed messages and all things relating to communications as it can throw things into chaos for a spell. It is a great time to review and take a step back however, so don’t be drawn into only the negative things you hear about Mercury Retrograde. The Universe makes no mistakes!

So take care this weekend, and don’t resist the urge to delve deep and get in touch with that part of ourselves that is grappling with the dark and the light. Keep grounded, but listen to your deepest feelings, as the truth will set you free!!!

Take care and stay tuned for future astro updates. If you would like a chart done for yourself or someone else let me know via email or mobile.

Love & light,

Anne 🙂 xxx