Here we are looking up at another beautiful Full Moon and so I ask that we buckle up for another lunar ride, this time courtesy of the adventurous sign of Sagittarius and the mercurial Gemini twins. Also this is the last of the eclipses so worth taking notice of how you are going with life, the universe and everything! It is a Lunar eclipse, not too powerful really but all the same important and the last in this particular series.  Venus, Mars and Jupiter are in the versatile and airy sign of Gemini. Very busy, versatile, airy, chatty, communicative and quite exciting. However, emphasis is on the ongoing but tightening square between Pluto (transformation & rebirth) and Uranus (change, revolution) with it being exact on May 20th, but in effect through all of the month of June. It is a calling for change! These are the ‘big boys’ dominating the cosmos for us right now.

Mid 2012 to early 2015 is the time frame for this major transit affecting global events and of course all of us on a personal level, depending where it is in our birth charts. This is a time of many ‘highs’ and ‘lows.’ It is hitting 11 degrees of Capricorn and Aries to be exact now, and so it most strongly affects all the signs we call ‘Cardinal’ which is Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. So if you have any planets or angles in your personal charts at 11 degrees of these signs, you will be strongly affected. However, we are all in this together!

Old memories can come up with full Moon energies. The eclipse on the axis of the higher mind (Sagittarius) and the lower mind (Gemini) offers new opportunities to release outworn ideas and beliefs that no longer serve us. Let go of that which not longer seems to work for you. Know and walk your truth. The square from Neptune in Pisces (water, intuition) to the Full Moon in Sagittarius is all about that realization. The illusion of the Neptunian evergy butts up again the honesty of Sagittarius.  It is connected to the power of collective unconscious. You may find yourselves having very intuitive dreams, hunches and ‘gut’ feelings. Energies of Mars , Venus and Jupiter in Gemini help to unite the head, heart, logic and intuition. There is a tendency to do a lot of thinking and feeling during the next few days. Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is the archetypal energy  opposing this Full Moon in Sagittarius – Jupiter (expansion, growth). Typically the Full Moon is asking us to let go and enjoy the harvest of what has led us to this moment, however, the eclipse brings the element of change and has a quality all of its own. It’s a bit like the lights being switched off and on again.

The times for the Full Moon are as follows:

Sydney – 2.24 pm 25th May 2013

London – 5.24 am 25th May 2013

New York – 12.24 am 25th May 2013