Welcome to the Full Moon in Gemini on 3rd December 2017. This is also a Super Moon, meaning it will be within 90% of its closest approach to the earth in its orbit so it will look about 7% bigger compared to normal. 

So, after the recent New Moon two weeks ago in Scorpio, which served to bring to the surface lots of our shadow material, we should now be in the light and culmination phase of this lunar cycle ready to shed again. It will be at 11 degrees Gemini, so if you know where that is in your personal birth chart it will help you to understand a lot more about where this is highlighted for you. The Sun therefore will be at 11 degrees of Sagittarius. Happy birthday to all Saggies!

After being cracked open under the purging process of the Scorpio energy last month and with that Scorpio New Moon, we should now prepare for the readiness and delivery of our newly re-birthed selves! Were being invited to change, which is the key word for this quicksilver and mercurial sign of Gemini. This has been quite a cathartic process for us all. 

Gemini – the master of mental gymnastics, and a clever navigator of uncharted territory. He finds clarity where there was none previously. Thirsty for knowledge and with the eagerness of a new student he fuels our new vehicle, ready for clearer perception of where we are heading…..hopefully that is! We should be free from those emotional land mines and trip hazards of our recent experiences. We may feel a little confused at times however as Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini has stationed ready to go retrograde on this full moon, or just after. He will turn direct again on December 24th but it always is wise to wait another week before making major decisions or signing important documents if it’s at all possible. Be mindful of dates, travel arrangements, computer backups, and all those day to day things that can go ‘belly up’ during a Mercury retrograde phase. 

So Mercury in the last degree of Sagittarius will reverse back for a few weeks and then after he goes direct again will arrive into Capricorn by 12th January. Also a very important astrological change is that Saturn – the headmaster and timekeeper of the zodiac finishes his near three year sojourn through Sagittarius and moves into earthy, and his own sign of Capricorn on 21st December! This is big news for Saggies in particular! Hooray I hear you all sing! It’s a bit like graduation, and you probably will feel a weight off your shoulders as Saturn tends to really work us over in the areas of responsibility and keeps us so earth bound and aware of our boundaries that we really may go through some very trying and difficult times, but if it’s been handled well and you’ve passed your exams by attending to your maturation milestone diligently, you will have your diploma in hand and be able to throw that cap up in the air and dance for a change! 

Getting back to to the Full Moon in Gemini and Mercury vibe, our head and heart will be very engaged during this phase. With Mercury so close to the Sun we can be especially sharp, communicative and open. It’s a great time for problem solving too. With Mercury in Retrograde however, we must be careful of the words we choose as we may be a little blunt or careless with our communication and there can be some misunderstandings. Mercury will also conjunct Venus for a few days and so you may feel the inclination to socialise more. Light hearted and witty conversations abound. A leaning towards co-operation is the feel here. It’s also a very favourable transit for business and commerce transactions as Venus rules money also. 

With Mercury retrograde it’s not so much about the outward expression as it is the internal dialogue we have with ourselves. It’ like a ‘mental review.’ There is no better time than now to practice ‘Mindfulness’ and take note of how much chatter is from past conditioning. Remember it’s probably the left over ashes and emotional sediment from before our purging of the previous passage through Scorpio last month, which always demands we let go of what no longer serves us. Just being aware will help us to ‘reflect’ and ‘redirect’ outworn thought processes that crop up repeatedly to sabotage our forward progress. This is the time for a ‘rebooting’ of how we think and take delivery of that new vehicle to help us to steer in a new direction and one that serves us better, with clearer perception and finer alignment – promising a smoother road ahead. 

I wish you well for this curious and energising Full Moon as always, and I look forward to assisting you to look more closely into your personal birth chart which has many signposts to help shine light where there may be dark.

Take care! 🙂