Already the big beautiful Moon is beaming her night light down on us. She is in her own mothering, moody and watery sign of Cancer, exact on Thursday 16th January – Sydney time at 3.52 pm. If you go outside in the evening when the sun has gone down, you should be able to spot the big planet Jupiter up there quite close to our Moon. Jupiter means expansion and so acts a bit like a magnifier for the Moon’s tidal pull on us and all living things, so be mindful of that tendency for moods to swing out a little over the top at times. The positive is that the message from Moon in Cancer is to nurture ourselves and our loved ones; family time and clannish gatherings abound. Toil the soil if you love gardening, preparing for the harvest so to speak both literally and metaphorically. Cancer asks us to process our feelings and remember, as with all Full Moons cycles, we are being asked to ‘shed’ what is no longer needed to make way for the new growth in our lives. So what comes up from deep within must also be let go of. It’s a great time to purge our emotions and make room for the fresh start soon at the New Moon.

With the Sun in Capricorn now opposing the Moon in Cancer there is a balancing of commitment between our career and families. The Full Moon serves to express what was sown in that last New Moon phase. Where did we set our focus or intentions?

So take notice of your inner feelings and observe how Cancer highlights the importance of family, tribe and community, whatever meaning this has for you personally, as it will be illuminating as always. At the same time Mercury (thinking, communication) has moved into the objective and intellectual air sign of Aquarius – cutting us some slack on that deep well of feelings and emotions, which gives us some contrast and breathing space. This is nice as we have the Sun in earthy Capricorn still and rubbing shoulders with Venus, therefore squaring off with Mars in Libra. This makes for a nice side serving of tension as we continue to sip on this rather full bodied drop of soul searching wine that tends to stir the emotions around our nearest and dearest’s. Play fair and think before you scream!

As I always say, breathe deep, remember that we are best to dance in the universal rhythms and align ourselves with what really resonates best for us. Be true to yourselves first and the resist the desire to change the world around you first.

Happy Full Moon and shine your light lovingly! 🙂