Well this would have to be one of the most exciting astrological times of the year right now. After the last New Moon in Leo setting the stage for us to get our frocks on and shine, we arrive this week – Tues 8/8 (Sydney) at the Full Moon & partial eclipse in Aquarius. As the Sun in Leo shines opposite we have one of those cosmic dances that speak to us about change, new beginnings and all that we know goes along with New & Full Moon energies, except we now have the amped up action of a couple of eclipses this month. This one being a partial so it’s not as strong as the Full Solar Eclipse we’ll have on 21/8, however it acts as a midpoint in a way, after the dress rehearsal in July, ready for the divine big daddy on the 21st. 

So let’s back up a little. We had the Sun move into Leo on 23/7 right on the 0 deg of Leo plus it was a New Moon. So that was like starting the engine for us to get our hearts open, polish our red ruby slippers and slap on the makeup ready for the great move forward into our own true selves, deep into the heart space. Now with Aquarius opposite at this Full Moon, we are at the half way point, but having viewed our script, here we are rehearsing our lines in full costume! Let’s hope we are anyway, and if not, now it the perfect time to stop and think about what has been happening in your world that has perhaps pushed you into an area that has made you feel alive and full of joy. It may have come with some real resistance but if you can be conscious of the most important areas of your life that have been screaming out for change, well that’s a hint for where it is. The pathway has been clearing for you. 

Aquarius is the sign who is always rallying for the truth. The rebel, the eccentric who really not only doesn’t care what anyone thinks about them, but actually enjoys the fact that they are the odd one in the crowd. This energy is all about being your most authentic self, regardless of how left of centre it may be or what you have always thought you ‘should’ be or do. This is the perfect time to go in and really examine where it is we need to take that leap of faith, be it simply a new hobby or activity you’ve had in the back of your mind for a long time or be it a complete change of lifestyle in the broader sense. This is where the differences between Leo & Aquarius are at their most divinely beautiful. Here is the perfect timing and alchemy we can see via the universe that plays the perfect song and the music of the spheres is manifested through us. I love astrology for all it offers us. It’s just the perfect backdrop as it never dictates but it provides some wonderful material for self growth. 

A little about the planetary patterns to help join the dots: We had Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) station for his Retrograde (backwards) motion on 4/8. So here we have an opportunity to slow down and think (airs signs love to think!) about what we are doing and where we can jazz life up a bit. The ‘changes’ are what he loves to talk about. He does prefer radical change too if you don’t mind. Mercury goes Retrograde on 14/8 but we are feeling the brakes already, and will go direct again on 7/9, so he is the one who most often retrogrades and you will probably hear about. Again, never fear as you may hear only the negative but it’s a good time to double check appointments, computer back ups, vehicle checks etc… avoid if you can any huge financial or contractual decisions until Mercury moves forward mid September as the energy can get a little sticky & delays ensue. If you can’t help it, just be very vigilant and check all the details and fine print. Again, a great time to review, revise and declutter. Do the stuff you’ve been meaning to get around to. Maybe a couple of years of tax returns or rearrange your home decor, make contact with friends or family you’ve not spoken to for ages. It’s all about that kind of energy. Mercury is about that communication so it will just be a little slower or less smooth or at least less likely to move quickly if you try to push. 

We still have Saturn Retrograde until the 26/8 so that will be a relief, especially for Sagittarius as he moves through their sign until mid December. Saturn has had them in the headmasters office for 2.5 yrs and with this Retrograde period, and it may have really felt like they got the cane as well here and there! Well done Saggies, you will be off the hook in no time. Neptune (spirituality, visionary, illusionary) went Retrograde mid June and being one of the outer slower moving planets will stay like that until November 2018. Pluto went Retrograde mid April this year and again, slow & far away stays there until October 2019. These energies are not quite felt as the personal planets are however they still hold meaning. More about that another time.

We have Jupiter in Libra shining light on justice and fairness both in our own relationships and on the global stage, but in a difficult square aspect to Pluto in bossy and authoritarian Capricorn. That is pretty exact at the moment so here we have the tension in amongst all the good stuff. Building up towards the Solar Eclipse in Leo on 21/8 we we see this playing out on the political stage (as always) but the tensions really reach some crescendo over the eclipse as history has shown us these moments always are a signature for abrupt and absolute change. The Solar Eclipse end of August is called the ‘Great American eclipse as it will be visible right across the United States, from the west to the east coast. I don’t like beating the drum of doom & gloom either, but the affects will be felt and it will be very interesting to see what changes take place on that stage! Which really affects the world at large. 

Mars still snuggles up to the Sun however there is a wider orb there so the heat is not as high but still active. This is the catalyst to igniting all the surrounding energies around at the moment. He is like the burning embers keeping it all alight. Sun is the ‘will’ and Mars is the ‘desire,’ so you can feel the potency here. Using or abusing this energy is the key factor. You can see tempers flaring, unhealthy egos in full swing. The ‘my way or the highway’ kind of mentality. Particularly in politics. Just monitor this in your own personal worlds too though. Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) and in fiery Aries will be on the exact same degree – 28, as the Sun at the Solar Eclipse on 21/8. This will be a very powerful trine and positive aspect here, with the eclipse bringing in the extra boom to the mix. Change is loud and clear! 

With this Full Moon we can think about it this way – Aquarius is the ‘future’ and the Moon is the ‘past.’ So the dear moon is not altogether comfortable in this free flying gung-ho radical sign. She is more attuned to the nurturing qualities and making everyone feel safe and sound. So for this short time and interesting ride, we can see the polarity between Leo and Aquarius is a time to see the link between the ego and the collective consciousness. The planet Uranus is about breaking free from the patterns of the past so there is momentum gathering. The message in this Eclipse has keywords such as – liberation, break through, bridging dimensional gaps and connecting us with the future and so there is that restlessness that provokes such spontaneous change. Uranus is at 28 degrees so if you also have any planets on the degree you will be strongly triggered or initiated, particularly around the 21/8, but it’s not just a day, it’s energy is felt before and long after.  That closing square between Jupiter and Pluto  also invites those nagging catalysts for change. What is your personal truth or philosophy? On 7th & 8th August, the Moon will trine Jupiter in Libra and the Sun will sextile Jupiter which spells more opportunity for revolution to take place. Also interesting to note that traditionally Saturn rules Aquarius and the modern ruler is Uranus, and both are retrograde. These eclipses will finish things. The Full Moon now brings it to fruition! 

The Sun and Mars together area asking us to blaze a new path and with the cosmic downloads of these eclipses we can create these new programs and start afresh. You could ask yourselves ‘what is draining me?’ What really is just no longer working for me?’ Aquarius brings us to the attention of our friends, tribe or groups you hang out with. What and who is resonating with your heart’s desire? Maybe a job, a relationship or simply an activity that was fine for that time but now it just feels like its run its course. Don’t throw the ‘baby out with the bathwater’ but how can you do it differently if it is a major situation, or make the change if it is a manageable thing such as a form of exercise, diet or activity you’ve been doing forever that may need to be refreshed somehow. 

The shadow side of Aquarius is detachment, so come from your own heart as waiting for things to be perfect until you move on or act will not serve you.  With all this Retrograde motion we may feel thwarted and frustrated until mid September at least as that’s when Mercury goes direct again. So practice playing the lead role in your own life and be bold, letting those new life paths around your destiny energise and inspire you. Be daring! 

This energy is really helping us all heal our individual selves to become more aware and conscious individuals and therefore, much happier ultimately. 

As always, I wish you all a magnificent Full Moon and Eclipse season.

May the changes that come about for you lead you on to the great gifts you truly deserve. 

Love & light! 🙂