The Full Moon in Aquarius built up over the last day or so to shine for us here in Sydney at 11:44am today – Wednesday August 21st. This was a special one as last month the Full Moon was also in Aquarius so it may be that we are revisiting some familiar themes, depending on where this moon falls in your personal charts. It was in the early degrees of Aquarius last month and now at the end and actually now just moved into watery Pisces by 1 degree as I write this blog. However, the energy doesn’t stop so quickly. These phases have a slowing down or a blurring effect upon our psyche and emotions so we should still all be feeling the love!

Aquarius is the most progressive and global of the signs and it likes to break free from the boring everyday routines and learn about what lies beyond the next horizon. You may feel this brimming up inside in a way that has you yearning for a different life than the one you have been living somehow. As with all full moons there is a feeling of enhanced insight and clarity as the month comes to a crescendo and gets ready to fade and start again. You may find that a ‘light’ shines on some difficult situation you have been having trouble trying to understand. Depending on where it is in your chart, it could be a job, relationship, education, travel or your favoured hobby, somehow it is shining a big bold light on this situation for you. You may decide to set sail in that arena and get involved in something new that excites you and deepens your connection to this life that you are now living. Live the life you have imagined.

This Full Moon is in a fixed sign – so it highlights two of the four fixed signs – Leo (sun) and Aquarius (Moon). The are opposite to each other in the sky at a full moon. This also means they are very much energising the planet Saturn which is in the fixed sign of Scorpio. So this deep inner change that is being asked of us will be activated at these times particularly. Seems we are always talking lately about the ‘powerful transits’ or the big ‘transformation’ and cycles of ‘change,’ but it is absolutely so true. Never have we been so affected by such strong and revolutionary indicators in the cosmos since the 1960’s. The major players then were also Pluto & Uranus and they were what we call in astrology ‘conjunct’ which means very close to each other. Now they sit in a tense position being a ‘square’ transit, so similarly they are now having a similar conversation with each other but it’s more now about the manifestation of what was being planted back then. Thus the global unrest and political, social and personal shifts and chaos. Pluto demands deep transformation and breaks down that which no longer is working for us, and Uranus demands change and revolution. Put those two big boys together in their long, slow tango, and well, you can see what is going on all around us, both on a physical and spiritual level.

I’d like to take some excerpts from the fascinating book on the Sabian Symbols as they are astrologically based oracles on each degree of the zodiac and are incredibly accurate. This is from a fabulous Australian Astrologer’s book on the Sabian Symbols – Lynda Hill. So for this Full Moon in Aquarius the symbol is –

A Butterfly Emerging From a Chrysalis.” This signifies an awakening, suddenly being able to do something that truly reflects you, your inner self, or what you’ve always wanted or meant to become. Realizing these talents and potentials is part of this brand new start. Finding one’s feet can make one nervous. Take a moment to adjust to any new developments before taking flight. Pain involved in this ‘birth’ of something new. Have faith in the process as it can lead to new depths of life that you’ve possibly only ever previously imagined. Imagine the beauty that is coming through in the birthing of your new wings and this new life. Coming out into a fuller participation in the bigger picture. Growing up and out. Emerging from the dark. Leaving yesterday behind. Becoming more and more beautiful. Finding one’s feet or wings. Metamorphosis. Huge changes in the works. Giving up struggling. The drama of new life unfolding.

How does this resonate for you? I love the message it brings actually. It seems to be a great reminder for whenever we experience that sort of change and falling into the unknown and needing to trust in the universe for its wisdom.

Remember with all these wild energies the waters are being stirred deep within our souls. Exciting and exhilarating times we are living in. There is a powerful Kundalini awakening. People feeling the need to ‘break out’ or to ‘get free.’ There is a sensitivity to all limiting factors. What’s holding you back? Watch our for that ‘victim mentality’ as we are all facing our own limiting belief systems. Breathe! Relax and trust your gut instincts as we are integrating those masculine and feminine principles which means for some it is a very different way of dealing with their lives. Try not to attach to outcomes, results or endings. Stay centered, grounded, meditate, engage in nature as much as possible, for these life enhancing energies will assist you on this journey we are all on. With the Sun in the last degrees of Leo, our hearts are blossoming with this beautiful energy.

The big message really is – choose what is honest and for our highest good. Difficult as it may be at times, we need not fall into fear. Believing and overcoming our own unwanted conditioning will be the best thing for creating the foundation for the positive change we truly need.

Take care and delight in the healing energies that are on tap for all of us.

Love & light. 🙂