Welcome to the fourth and last consecutive Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in the last two years! This is a rare occurrence and is called a Tetrad. It is said to be the second and most powerful Super Moon this year, when the Moon comes closest to the Earth. This does create extra strong tides and energy flows and could play havoc with sleep and invite some chaos into people’s lives. Just being aware and conscious of this is the best solution really. I find the Full Moon to be an exciting energy, however you choose to embrace this energy, just be mindful of its strength.

This falls on the 27/28th September and is in the sign of Aries. The thing about these eclipses is that they have been falling on the nodal axis of Libra and Aries for the last couple of years and so astrologically, this points to the balancing act of moving away from the Sth Node’s expression of Aries – to go it alone and adopt the combative energy of Aries and sometimes to the detriment of the collective good, and look towards the more co-operative nature the Libra is teaching us which is connection and being more aware of ‘the other,’ so to speak. It is true the eclipses herald great change, both in the physical and the emotional sense so we may see over the next week or so the effects of this powerful magnetic pull in terms of tectonic activity, huge tides and reactions within the emotional behaviour of the collective as well. This is not meant to be a scare campaign that the world is falling apart or the ‘sky is falling’ but it is however conducive to the shifting patterns in us and likewise in the world around us.

The other planetary news around is that Mercury is still retrograde and will remain there until mid October and so again, this just happens to be a good time to review, revise your plans and don’t make swift changes just yet if you can stall it. The energy to move forward is much easier when Mercury goes direct after the 10th October….and then wait a week if you can.

The Sun went into lovely Libra on the 24th…so happy birthday to all you Librans for this month! You are really under the spotlight astrologically as we learn your lessons here under the light of this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse! We are being urged to leave behind our old patterns of relating. The Sth Node of the Moon represents our collective past so we need to move into a new way of dealing with things, especially in our relationships. Since October 2013 we have had these eclipses teaching us the lessons relating the polarity of Aries & Libra, and this is the last one – in Aries. He is quite the warrior and learning to integrate these qualities is vital. On a global and individual platform. Actually the last eclipse was in Virgo and Pisces, and it as very much about ‘inclusiveness’ & ‘connection’ on a soul level. So it is a really great time for evolutionary growth for us all.

When eclipses occur near the equinoxes, a time when the earth’s magnetic field decreases, they aid us in making rapid changes, releasing old energy patterns so there is energy available to create new forms. Be patient with these changes and let them wash over you as it can take time for the energy to settle.

This Total Lunar Eclipse also directly aligns with the Super Galactic Centre. It really does have a focus on the Evolutionary move forward. What was being initiated last March in the eclipse is now presenting us with the time to respond and examine how we have managed these energies and opportunities for soul growth. It brings situations to light to help us move forward.

The key points at this time astrologically are:

  • the eclipse is four days away from the Equinox (Spring for the Sthn Hemisphere & Autumn for the Nthn Hemisphere)
  • it is 4 degrees away from the Nodal axis of Libra & Aries
  • it is directly on the Super Galactic Centre

What is the Super Galactic Centre?

The Galactic Centre is the point about which our galaxy (the Milky Way) is rotating. It is approximately 24,000 light years from the Solar System in the direction of the constellation – Sagittarius. It cannot be seen in optical light due to the heavy obstruction by interstellar dust grains along the line of light. It is postulated by scientists to be a massive Black Hole the size of a several million Suns! It is a powerful source of radio waves and is best viewed from the Southern Hemisphere.

How amazing is our Universe….studded with mystery and intrigue.

I wish you a very positive experience with the Super Blood Moon in Aries and Lunar Eclipse. May the changes you experience bring you further into the light and be a source of inspiration and soul growth.

Love & light,

Anne. 🙂