The BIG thing right now astro-getically is that there is a plethora of planets in the sensual, earthy and loving sign of Taurus. The Sun, Venus, Mars, Mercury& the karmic Sth Node of the Moon. Funnily enough there is a very physical high going on with all this earthy goodness. A real physical realization. Messages abound to ‘clean up the karmic house’ before moving on with Sth Node snuggled in amongst that bad of brothers. Grandpa Saturn (limitations & karmic) opposes Mercury (thought processing, communication) and the rest of the planets mentioned here have all just moved through the same point – bumping up against our limits – a bit like final exams! It’s very spicy though and not all heavy with the Moon currently in Aries fueling us to take it all in our stride. We rise to the challenge. But wait….then later this week on 9th & 10th May the New Moon and Solar Eclipse will be in ….yes….you guessed it…TAURUS! Cosmic redirection, energy shifts. Dreams will manifest. In Taurus it brings up issues of self-worth and values. Near the Sth Node so examine old value systems no longer working for you. Prepare that fertile soil for new growth.  With its opposition exactly to Saturn (very karmic) this is emphasized  even more around knowing our limits but getting real about it all. Who are we becoming? Who have we been? These are great times we live in and the energy at hand is so potent. This Venus ruled eclipse asks us to look forward and master  the illusion of our fears. Wisdom and beauty can help us through the darkest of times. As Leonard Cohen once said….’There is a crack in everything….that’s how the light gets in.’   So embrace this sensual time of the Taurus  New Moon and Solar Eclipse, make some mulled wine perhaps to really celebrate! Wrap yourselves in loving thoughts for the future, let go of the past and yet feel the pleasure and grounded energy of the present moment… Taurus hates to rush.