There is change in the air again. We are moving slowly out of the earthy, grounded energy of Taurus and opening the windows to let in the breezy Gemini vibe. Mercury (communication & ruler of Gemini) moved into this sign of duality and master of multi-tasking today, and soon to follow next Tuesday is the Sun. We should be feeling more stabilized after this time in Taurus and so now ready to build that network and get those lines of communication buzzing and move into new directions. It’s a really different energy and will be obvious to most people if you observe what goes on in your life and in those around you. If you don’t feel quite ready to step into it, you may be ready to reach out for more information, classes or contact the people who can help you in this process. The time is ripe for this kind of expression of your ideas and breathe life into them.

The Moon is now in Leo which makes a supportive sextile to Mercury in Gemini. Then on Sunday (in Australia) the Moon moves into Virgo (ruled by Mercury). The big news still is that big enduring square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. This started in June 2012 and will continue until March 2015. Power, transformation, money, control and particularly concerning large institutions, are all the keywords for Pluto’s position in Capricorn and with this difficult square to revolutionary Uranus in fiery and combative Aries… must get a clear picture of this incredible paradigm that is transforming for us all, globally and personally. When the forces of Pluto combine with Uranus, we have a huge breaking down and rebuilding of what has gone before. It is apparent in the economic downfall in world markets, the shake up and reform in religious institutions, and what we see happening is a liberation or a realization that takes us where we really want to go, and breaking away from the constraints of what no longer works for us. Of course this depends on where Pluto and Uranus are in your own personal birth chart, but on a larger scale it is happening around us on the world stage anyway. It is so strong, I see a lot of people are pretty in touch with where these huge changes are taking place in their lives, but it can be very daunting in its process. The good news is that if one works with the energies, and has a ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ kind of reaction, it will all be a very cathartic and healthy crisis for us on a soul level.

We need to reform, make changes, and create a pure expression of the self somehow. We are surely ‘waking up!’ Uranus jangles our nervous systems a little so we must nurture ourselves and eat well and take part in healthy activities that help us to move forward with the fortitude to press on. Uranus has been in impetuous and ‘self-satisfying’ Aries for one year and will be there for another six. So examine where you are breaking free and how you are managing these changes.

In the meantime, the fresh breeze of Gemini will help us to move a little more freely over the next few weeks with all this Pluto square Uranus heaviness grinding away. So breathe deep and enjoy the invitation to talk, text, write, phone, tweet, send smoke signals…..or whatever your choice of communication may be…’s free and breezy for the moment. Enjoy this fun and communicative injection of mercurial mental gymnastics. Double the fun!