Full Moon in Aquarius – 31st July 2015

Welcome to the Blue Moon in Aquarius!

There has been much talk around this coming Full Moon mostly because of the mystery around its name – Blue Moon.

This means that this is the second Full Moon in the same month. The first one was on the second of July and in Capricorn, and now right at the very end of July, there is time for one more – a bit like a set of ‘bookends.’ It won’t actually be ‘blue’ as that is a name give many moons ago and is tied up with Folklore and Paganism. In fact there have been many different names for the moon especially used among the indigenous cultures, so this is just but one of them.

This Full Moon brings light to our feelings and is very much linked to the keywords of Aquarius, such as – freedom and independence. We are being urged to let our light shine and get in touch with our true purpose. Also, finding our tribe is a part of this energy as Aquarius is all about the collective. It is the sign that works within the ‘group’ and ‘community.’ So with the Sun in the opposite sign of Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, we are also working with the lessons of this polarity being between the ego and that higher and less egocentric part of ourselves that will help us to find the balance in this area.

The ruler of Aquarius is the planet Uranus, and so sudden and unexpected feelings, emotions can crop up taking us by surprise. Usually they are emotions that have been suppressed and even though we may wonder where they come from, it is just that they have been building up and if unaddressed can seem like ‘out of the blue’ scenarios. 

So this can and should be more about the expansion of one’s consciousness. Brilliant breakthroughs may appear to help one to raise your standards and help relationships to grow. Remembering Full Moons are about concluding situations so it may be that you find yourself at the ‘end’ of your job or relationship. Be kind to yourselves as this can demand a lot from you and you must take time out to rest after this cycle. It’s all about the old way being left behind and finding new ways of doing things, so transition is the keyword here as well. 

Take time to drop into what is trying to be illuminated for you. This is an exciting but sometimes demanding time and the more you love and value yourself the more you have to give to other people. With the recent retrograde motion with both Venus and Uranus, there is the added prompt for us to revise where that balance and spark of genius lies in wait. Venus only just hit 0 degrees of Virgo and she is moving back into fiery Leo until Sept 7th, so there is still that opportunity for us to look at how our relationships are fairing and Venus rules money also, therefore it may be good for us to slow down with the spending and prepare for the next chapter of Venus moving into the earthy and much more practical and frugal sign of Virgo.