Happy birthday Leo’s! We are still enjoying the fiery energies of Leo’s month. We also have the Sun at the mid point of the cycle of all fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius) and the New Moon just happening during the week in Leo, now in Virgo, the energy is expanding and opening up for us. Mercury is square to Saturn and the Moon’s Nodes so this is about facing criticism, powerful people or our new found feelings. The Moon’s North Node ┬áin Scorpio along with Saturn is helping us to see ourselves through the eyes of everyone else. This Age of Aquarius that we are now moving into is a big part of this new paradigm we are experiencing. We’ve got to learn how to love by learning from the ‘other.’ Doing this together is the key. With Mercury in Leo in square aspect to Saturn in Scorpio right now, we can feel that sober and seriousness feeling re money, sex and those deepest unions. Saturn in Scorpio wants maturity, objectivity. It is character building. Also, Uranus in Aries equals jumping into consciousness. We are really working hard with these intense aspects between, Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and the Moon’s nodes. Of course it plays out in each of our personal lives in it’s own particular way depending on where these planets are, however the big message will be about how to play and discover who we are by learning from the other with all the intense reactions.

With Jupiter opposing Pluto there is tension concerning transformation required for growth. With the square to Uranus, the sudden, unexpected and the innovative will challenge the attempt to control the process. Jupiter represents higher universal law, so spiritual enlightenment versus practical power and control with his opposition to Pluto in Capricorn. It may be about great wealth and power or tenacious drive and ambition. Extremes! We must be mindful about how we use our power as it can be for greed or positive growth and transformation. Remember if we cheat others we are only cheating ourselves. Move with that paradigm and awareness of how we are all connected and are one.

Jupiter squaring Uranus is known to offer unexpected opportunities. There is magic in the air this month which may change our lives forever. In the last week of August the Sun connects up with Mercury so we should see the fruition of this month’s efforts of working with our personal power and challenges of our reality. Mars, the planet of action moves into Leo on August 27th so this brings much needed impetus to our goals and Leo’s in particular will feel this push. Venus the planet of love moves into it’s own sign of Libra on August 16th where she will be most attractive, peace loving and at her loveliest.