Hi  and welcome to my little corner of the world – ‘Soul Talk,’ where I discuss how we can all aim for a healthier way of being using tools such as astrology, reflexology and delving into other natural modalities. Whether you are new to astrology or are well versed, I hope to offer you an opportunity to contemplate your part in this incredible universe we all reside in. 


For me Astrology provides a tool not unlike many other spiritual or esoteric practices, which when infused with our own perception or intuition can help us to better traverse the road map of life which can sometimes seem so mysterious and fraught with bumps and curve balls. I strongly believe that we are born into this life to learn and evolve on a spiritual level, but within this physical body and third dimensional world which can be very confusing. So if we can have access to our individual blueprints, which happens at the moment of entry into this world, we will gain insights and we are ultimately more prepared and conscious of the path that befalls us.

I believe we have free will and many choices in all we do however ‘destiny’ is far more appealing a concept than ‘fate.’ We are not puppets on strings at the mercy of some unseen controlling force. The saying ‘as above so below‘ lends more credence to this ideology. There are influences and energies at play and if we are all connected and  just one part of what makes up this universe, then we are wise to try and move with the rhythm of our solar system and swim with the tide rather than push against it. This gives us potential and opportunities for inner growth and the evolution of our souls.

I also have used Reflexology as a form of body therapy which has also brought about some wonderful healing for myself and others. It is a non invasive, safe body therapy not unlike a full body massage but just working on the reflexes on the feet, hands, ears and sometimes the face. Using some meridian therapy the body responds beautifully to the balance it always seeks. Using some bush flower essences and herbal teas also work perfectly to help bring the vibration of our emotional bodies into balance. All of these therapies, among your own methods of healthy living practices just help to enhance your vitality and allow you to think, feel and act with integrity and to your highest potential. 

We are gifted with these insights via our birth chart which shines a light on the planetary energies and movements of the Sun, Moon and the planets which is an ever changing story for us all.

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So once again, thank you for popping by and let me know if you would like to understand yourself more as there are many layers to you!